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Who is Jeff Marmins?

“I’m passionate about the convergence of relationships, culture, workflow and technology.”

I’m the Founder of C7group, a digital sales and content marketing firm. The methods used to enable sales have evolved considerably over the last ten years. I can help with a variety of sales enablement functions, but content currently rules the web when it comes to all phases of the modern sales cycle. I write content for sales and marketing related software companies. I’ve been working with sales related technology businesses for many years. I am familiar with their language and how to translate it for their respective audiences.  I understand the journey of that customer and can help plan how sales enablement content is used and measured.

I have 25 years of experience in customer relationship development, customer service, sales and marketing. Having connected social technologies to their appropriate business uses since their invention, I’ve had the opportunity to contribute insights into the social web for The Business Journal, Sacramento Bee, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, and more.

“I love candor and audacity. I gravitate toward people who help make the map and chart new territory.”

I’m an advocate for community volunteerism. I am a founding Director of the Social Media Club, Sacramento Chapter. I served the City of Folsom on its Utility Commission as well as on the boards of the Folsom Chamber of Commerce, Folsom Lake Symphony Orchestra and Mercy Hospital Community Council. One of my proudest achievements was securing corporate sponsorship and group participation to launch Philadelphia Cares, the 2002 Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Non-Profit of the Year.

I have two children, Hannah 13 and Cole 10, and love being a dad. After 18 years I am still trying to see everything beautiful that is Northern California. You can occasionally find me flying stunt kites on the Marina Green in San Francisco, Caesar Chavez Park at Berkeley Marina or at home in Folsom.

How I help

I love solving business problems and engaging in productive collaboration. Hire me to write something interesting, help define your content strategy or analyze and fix your sales process.

Content Marketing

Does your content marketing strategy connect and align with your sales funnel?

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Sales Enablement

Where does marketing stop and sales begin? How aligned are your efforts? How do you measure effectiveness?

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Sales Content Production

Content marketing content attracts attention and generates leads. Sales content helps turn prospects into customers.  More info


"The  range of quality, insight, connections and experience within "social media" is vast and diverse.  Considering the history of business communications, even the phrase, as a mainstream idiom, is new. The idea of listening to customers and sharing useful content to attract and retain them is not new...but it has become imperative "Jeff Marmins Senior Consultant, Sales Content Writer, C7group
I have been involved in business online since the internet became public, managing  early website, intranet and e-commerce projects.  My role in technology has often been a combination of sales, marketing and project management, from an early background in quality assurance and testing in enterprise software.
"Jeff has a keen ability to map business needs to technology solutions." David R. Springett, Ph.D President, Community College Foundation Director, Chordiant Software, Incorporated
It's not theory.  I've been online since 1987. Over the past 22 years I have been involved in several hundred online communities: Underground hacker groups, BBSs, Usenet newsgroups, IRC channels, listservers, online services, packet switched networks, discussion forums... and more recently: wikis, blogs, microblogging, social bookmarking and social networking sites.
"Jeff is a connector of people and ideas. He is a valuable resource when it comes to technology and social media.” Colleen Belcher Managing Editor, The Sacramento Press
I have a passion for the convergence of relationship development and social technologies. I'm fortunate to have seen the value of web based applications in sales and marketing early in their history, I participated in some of the first web site, e-commerce and e-learning projects. I invented a customer-centric decision making methodology for customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation (SFA) to accelerate relationship development and make sales forecasting more accurate. I began to incorporate online social interaction (now called "social media") into sales and marketing in 2000.
“..."Jeff is an amazing entrepreneur with both operations and business development prowess. Jeff's intellect and wit elevate the experience of doing business while creating confidence and trust in any interaction. Ultimately Jeff brings results making any investment of time and resources well spent."...”

Bonnie Browning Co-Founder, AVID Productions

“Jeff offers intelligent solutions to enhance communications and develops unique networking systems and processes. He is quick to understand his clients needs, and applies just in time solutions. Jeff to articulates with clarity; meets his commitments consistently.”

Anthony Dury, Ph.D Principal, Dury & Associates


With a speaking style that is energetic, entertaining and personal, Jeff Marmins educates clients on modern digital sales, content marketing as well as social business culture, strategy and tactics. He customizes every presentation to be audience specific, periodically adjusting to match the level of comprehension and engagement. His speaking engagements are better described as spirited discussion with high-participation and tangible take-away. Jeff has presented to government agencies, technologists, marketers, media, students, entrepreneurs, and many other groups. He covers these topics from the 50,000 foot level down to the step-by-step workshop depending on audience and need.
"Jeff's keynote opened my eyes to the future of social networking and put a professional vs. social spin on it, which is helpful to me in re-tooling my business plan." ~ Renee Bosley, Wells Fargo Insurance Services

Speaking Programs

How To Build Interactive Digital Relationships That Generate More Revenue

Social Selling: It’s an activity not a website. Marketing, public relations and the media are embracing the social web to attract new customers and build brand loyalty. It doesn't end there. Content marketing strategy and the development of valuable, useful content for the purpose of acquiring customers is both art and science. It’s a learning process to transition from “megaphone” to “mega-listen.” Customers can help decide which products go to market. What’s next?

Social Media Engagement and Risk Management

Today's public social platforms and nearly commoditized connectivity brings about significant risks for government and business. The discussion of how to mitigate the risks without sacrificing digital social engagement that customers and constituents demand is critical. This talk covers: Regulation in Digital Communication  - Wrangling the Moving Target Communicating Awareness Social Media Threat Landscape Brand and Crisis Management Strategies and Observations Embracing Technology Through Culture and Process

The Social Business Revolution

Business as usual won't last long.  Understand why social business is imperative. What are the key problems with business as usual? Why will you have to move to social business software tools in order to remain competitive? How are businesses already using these technologies successfully to change work-flow, improving communication and collaboration across their employees, customers and the social web?

Why You Need To Care About Social Business and How it’s Changing Company Culture

Whatever you want to call our era today: The Information age, the technology Age or the knowledge economy, our social connectivity via the internet is changing how we participate in each other’s lives across the globe. Now, it is changing how business must listen to its customers and employees. The barrier between personal and business is crumbling. Each and every person now can reach millions in minutes, with good news or sharp criticism. As your business learns to listen, what will it do when it hears something?

Your Modern Digital Future

Social technologies are becoming tools for customer service, human resources and research and development. Innovation is becoming more agile, Mergers more effective faster and service less expensive. Examine what the levels of maturity are for business, where you might stand now, and what you can start doing so you can remain competitive in 2018 and beyond.

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