Lifestreaming, Dashboards and Efficiency

Providing the business education in social media requires consistent research. We could use your help.

Our goal is to provide workshops and online classes that teach efficient processes for marketing and networking online. In order to do this well, we’re always studying the mechanics of HOW to aggregate and share information (like in a dashboard build on igoogle, netvibes or pageflakes). We also look at the websites and applications that offer one to many distribution (Friendfeed, Posterous, Tumblr, and others) that fit into the complex puzzle of websites where you want your content to appear and be available.

Help make our training great!

Help make our training great!

This includes stuff like updating your staus on Linkedin, Facebook, Plaxo, twitter…whatever…by only doing one entry. Or, posting to many places via email or text through the tools mentioned above.

This is the crossover / combination of the dashboard and the business version of lifestreaming. Back to the help. Do you have lifestream or “one-to-many” tools or systyems you use? What are they? How about dashboards, gadgets or ways to combine the process? We want to hear about everything that’s out there and see how we can mix them up and prove them out. Thanks! We’re excited to see what we get…


  • I have a blog on tumblr ( that links to twitter ( My facebook statuses and links get published to twitter. My youtube links to twitter and facebook. My facebook fan page (if you can call it that…) shows up my personal facebook profile if I 'like' something and also my work twitter account ( I have a disqus account that publishes any comments on disqus enabled blogs like this one but I don't have it integrated in my blog because that seems to cause a circular echo loop. I have a backup lifestream at just in case and a posterous account I'm not using yet.

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  • Mark – does it get confusing to manage? I haven't built in Posterous yet either – i like what it offers but haven't been willing to “break” other connections to make it work properly and not have duplicate posts. We're looking for ways to refine the process on stable platforms that are teachable.

  • I feel that my lifestream is all over the place right now. I'm trying to create a lifestream on posterous, but it's a lot of added work when I'm already maintaining a twitter account, a blog, a newsletter, and a fan page. Plus I don't want to double post – I find that annoying and difficult with my varied interests and purposes for using each site.

  • I have only heard about (but have not used) Posterous, Ping and Postling as distribution tools. I, too, am very curious about what people have found effective in this regard.

  • I have only heard about (but have not used) Posterous, Ping and Postling as distribution tools. I, too, am very curious about what people have found effective in this regard.

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