Second Saturday at The Urban Hive

I recently relocated Social Media Path to midtown Sacramento.  I took space in the same building as The Urban Hive, Vox Sacramento, Romp Creative, Kidaround Magazine, Green Sacramento and a variety of other artists, writers, designers and marketing talent.

Second Saturday at The Urban Hive featuring VoxThe Urban Hive is co-working space that opens it’s doors on Second Saturday to display the art and music of it’s tenants.  Second Saturday has become a wonderful midtown Sacramento staple event full of art, music, good food and warm summer strolling.  Last night we agreed to create an Art tweetup for the next Second Saturday on September 12, 2009 – making The Urban Hive come even more alive on Second Saturday!

Second Saturday Sacramento urban Hive Vox 20th & H

Second Saturday at The Urban Hive


  • Jill

    Excellent!!! : ) Glad you could make it out.

  • Great to have you in the building Jeff!

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