Folsom Lake Crossing Human Chain of Gratitude

It will come as no surprise that when Julie Bjorgum introduced her idea to demonstrate gratitude  – I jumped. We have a new bridge opening in Folsom, CA.  It's a rare event -and has become an opportunity to express gratitude and thanks.  970 feet of bridge joining communities together.

Show your “gratitude attitude” by joining the Human Chain of
stretching across the Folsom L
ake Crossing during the Grand Opening Festival on Saturday,
March 28 at 12:00.

DETAILS on Eventbrite or Facebook  

What would it be like if we all gave up and believed in
hopelessness, doom, despair?  Great
things are accomplished because despite the odds, there were people who tried,
people who believed in the possible, who weren’t afraid to fail if it furthered
the greater good.  We are humbled by our
present circumstances, but that does not make us losers.  Our society does not support the idea of
coming in 2nd, but I believe it is by our efforts that we are all
winners.  Folsom’s newest bridge next to
Folsom Dam is certainly an inspiring example of seemingly insurmountable odds
made possible by hard work,Gratitude folsom lake bridge grand opening folsom lake corssing human chain commitment and positive thinking.  We pay tribute to all who made it a reality.

 I am grateful that a smile is more contagious than a

What are you grateful for?

Author; Julie Bjorgum

We'll be making a cool video to be shared publicly.

Come show your gratitude!


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Random Steeeler Fan

Awhile a back I had made a friend, Steve, watching Steeler Football.  I’m from Pittsburgh and a lifetime fan.  Out "Steeler spot" closed.  It was a popular gathering place for many Pittsburgh Steeler Pittsburgh_steelersloyal.  This particular acquaintance and I met somewhere new – Yagers in Folsom – to catch the season opener today against the Houston Texans.  The doors were locked, nobody home at Yagers.  Steve, thinking quickly called a neighbor friend that he knoew was hooking up the game in his garage.  Watching the game in lawn chairs in our new friend’s garage.  Do you love it?  It was a great time.  And a cool coming together as Pittsburgh fans do – with nothing in common but a love and loyalty for a hometown and it’s much beloved team. 

P.S. The owner of the restaurant and bar were sorry to have missed us.  You bet we’re going to see if this can be the new Steeler spot.  We’ll see if they can get some breakfast going for us Pacifc time zone fans.


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Staying Visionary

Recently I attended a luncheon and had the pleasure of sitting next to Sandy Hilton, Manager of Community and Cultural Services for the City of Folsom.  I asked Sandy about her passion and about the City’s ability to be forward thinking.  Sandy shared her ideas about what she calls, “staying visionary,” and inspiring others to keep looking forward.  Her idea is to foster creativity and encourage looking forward without constraints – like budget or politics.  She said that she always asks “What if” and “Why not?”  and encourages others to do the same.  Marminsgroup_effective_human_folsom

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show up and have fun

I had a wonderful time last night on a date with my wife, Liz.  We enjoyed a terrific dinner at Pachanga, a swinging place in Folsom, CA.  Owners Larry and Erin, and infamous bartender Brian, will take great care of you.  We then went to visit our friend and fellow Rotarian, Tom Paniagua.  He had his beautiful photography show on display at American Visions Art Gallery.  This gallery is a Folsom staple of fine art.  It’s the place to visit to browse or buy if you’re in town.  It’s also a fun place and not too stuffy due to the spirit of Director, Giovanna Stark and daughter Ginessa (ask her about her memory!)  We were pleased to run into a number of friends that came out to support Tom.  Rae Howard attended, another Rotarian with a Sacramento growth business specializing in home cleaning called The Team Cleaners. She was there with Deborah Grassl who does terrific work for the Folsom History Museum.  Our club, The Rotary Club of Historic Folsom, is raising money for the museum through our "Brick Project."  I appreciated the loyalty and friendship that I witnessed all evening.  Folsom is made up of great people that help and support each other.  And, Rotary is a wonderful organization that truly fosters "Service above Self."

Liz and I went upstairs to My Brother Vinny’s for dessert and drinks and were joined by friends Gordon and Lola Purdy (truly busy folks out showing support for a friend!). It’s worth mentioning that My Brother Vinny’s is a class act with great food including wonderful desert by chef Erin and the famous Gelato of co-owner Tony Barton…mmm…Cannolis too!

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