Why A Democrat is Voting Republican in the California 7th District 2018 Midterms

Ami Bera and Andrew Grand congressional candidates for 2018 California District 7

We all make voting decisions in our own way with our own rationale. Just like any other potential hire, I’m choosing the best candidate for the job. I believe that the election process should more closely resemble a job interview rather than a beauty pageant. I am not deciding based on party affiliation. I’m a Democrat voting for a Republican in the California 7th District and here’s why:

I care about who the candidate is. In other words, I care about their principles, ability to arrive at creative strategies and make difficult decisions. I want to know why the candidate is running for office. I am interested in job performance to date. I measure commitment to community engagement. I review depth and breadth of experience. I want to ensure that they will listen intently to outside expertise in their evaluation of alternative solutions, enabling them to make choices without emotional attachment or bias.

When I consider all that I mentioned above it becomes clear that Dr. Ami Bera is not putting my welfare, or that of California District 7, first. It seems like a gig for his own personal achievement – bragging rights and privileges of office –  not a commitment to public service and a greater good in the way it does for his opponent, Andrew Grant.

If you take a look at Andrew Grant’s profile on LinkedIn (today’s mandatory public resume for everything) you find depth in government, military experience, corporate experience, small business and non-profit experience. I couldn’t find a profile on LinkedIn for Ami Bera.

I have watched this campaign develop into a daily hum of Andrew Grant’s Town Halls and community visits discussing issues.  Where is Ami Bera? It seems his campaign consists of ducking one-on-one debates with his opposition and slinging expensive ad campaigns that make him look like a friend to Veterans.

As a registered Democrat I find Ami Bera embarrassing. The Center for Effective Lawmaking ranked Ami Bera 171st out of 193 Democrats in the 114th Congress. There is no evidence anywhere (that I could find) of a bill or initiative he has sponsored.

This is a difficult time as we are so polarized as a nation – its too much about choosing sides, partisan agendas and fighting against what we dislike or disagree with. How about we hire the smartest, most talented person for the job?  How about we fire a representative that doesn’t care to devote his effort to the responsibility of service that the job requires?

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