Social Media Business Tip: Know Keyboard Shortcuts

Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts

Something I learned about being proficient on a computer, as simple as it sounds, is not being “mouse-dependent.”

Here’s a secret (sort of). The software you use to manage social properties is your browser. Irregardless of hardware platform, social media, blogging and online research are easier and faster if you:

  1. Use your keyboard in addition to your mouse
  2. Know and use the right-mouse button
  3. Understand and take advantage of your browser
  4. Group your online activities by bookmark folder and browser window

I’ll discuss #s 2 – 4 in a future post.  Let’s make you a bit faster with keyboard shortcuts for now

Do you use your mouse for everything besides typing?  Here are some steps to being more proficient:

Social Media Keyboard ShortcutsPrint out (yes, on paper) the keyboard shortcuts for your Web browser (especially if you do social media for business).  I also recommend printing the keyboard shortcuts for your operating system.  Post them near your desk, and/or copy them onto your computer desktop.  Look them over twice a day for a month.  You’ll get faster as you memorize each keyboard shortcut. Do this for your mobile device too!

Here are some links to most of them: Note: these can be found in most browsers and operating systems by looking under the Help menu or pressing F1 on your keyboard.

Operating Systems:

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows XP

Microsoft Windows and Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for all Microsoft Products

Macintosh OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

Internet Browsers:

Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Internet Explorer 8  Keyboard Shortcuts

Safari Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Opera Keyboard Shortcuts

Mobile Handheld Devices:

Apple iphone Keyboard Shortcuts

Android Keyboard Shortcuts

Blackberry Keyboard Shortcuts

Palm Pre Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Windows Mobile Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Tools

Google Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Reader Keyboard Shortcuts

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jeffmarmins moderator

You're welcome @small business phone . I'm sure this post could use an update. I always look for keyboard (and now voice!) shortcuts to navigate more quickly between windows, tabs, tasks and applications. I appreciate the comment!

formula 1
formula 1

thank you! That looks like a great resource