A good day in San Jose

Amtrak to San Jose from Sacramento was going to be so late that I had to drive to make my first appointment on-time.  So much for hours of focused reading and writing.  I had thinking and catch-up phone calls in traffic instead.  It was worth it.   I had wonderful meeting with an old acquaintance and a new one (that I met through linkedin).  It was that first meeting
that made my day.  You know the feeling when you make the right connection with someone?  And you realize that there is HARMONY (one of my favorite character traits for effectiveness) with the potential to do great things together.

My meeting was with Michael Gaines, a Principal of John Epperheimer’s company, Workpath Group.  I know less about Workpath than I do about Michael and his enthusiasm (I had planned to read lots of stuff about them on that train!) – and that’s what really made me want to do some work with Workpath.  Michael is a sharp guy with a unique ability.  He whittled the capabilities of mine to fit best with areas where he could leverage my talent based on what he gleaned from my story and passion.   Effective, efficient, productive, and fun.

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