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Social Media Weekend: Sacramento

We’re about to have a great first in Sacramento with the First Annual Social Media Weekend November 6th and 7th. With the exceptions of the Sacramento Chapter of the Social Media Club and the SacTweetup, economical education and networking opportunities around Social Media topics in Sacramento are scarce. This will be a great gathering and an informative event

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The LinkedIn Blog: CNBC gets LinkedIn

I just connected to a friend, Lane Kintigh, from high school! It really brightened my morning. Who would have guessed that i had an old friend that teaches German and knows Library Sciences?

Linkedin just keeps growing. It’s a great way to connect professionally or just catch up. It doesn’t replace picking up the phone or connecting in more personal ways. I believe it will continue to grow as social networking services continue to be the thriving business model online.

The chasm between personal and business continues to diminish. Every kind of connection brings us closer to ways we can help each other have success. How are you connecting?

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