The History of Social Media

Social Media is not new. Have you heard this before? As a follow-up to our last post by Jerry Kennedy, Social Media Amateur Hour – When Does it End? I thought this was a great graphic to share from our friends at One Lily. The reality is that the web is RETURNING to social (from whence it came.) I think business is beginning to realize this.
There is a lot of mature thinking out there as it applies to social concepts and their applications in web technology practices and tools. While there is great, valuable thinking across the generations (and this is important because social platform success requires multi-generational friendly user experiences), perspective is gained from the experience of participating in the evolution over time. This perspective is what allows us, as consultants and practitioners, to see how the social web is changing communication and collaboration. This perspective allows us to better plan for the future and make the most of the technology shift now that it has reached critical mass.



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