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Road Trip Anyone?

Speed Networking by SacGNN.com

I really enjoyed attending a speed networking event this week that’s produced by SacGNN.com (Get Networking Now). Rebecca Johnson and Darby Flynn do an awesome job of promoting and organizing events. It didn’t hurt that the event was at Brew It Up with some tasty grub and really good beer.

The real value was in the quick connections, although I think my approach is a bit different than that of some others. Many sit down with their new, instant contact and quickly pitch their product or service after sticking a business card in front of you. Instead, I ask people what their goal or dream is and how I can help. I’ll also ask about passion. I find the connection is better and deeper faster. For example, Jennifer Wilkins is a Human Resource pro for Tony’s Fine Foods. Our very short discussion was just enough to learn that she loves doing floral arrangements and has a passion for history. She’s debating what Masters degree to pursue. We committed to learning more about how we can help each other and are more likely to do so than if I only knew about her current job.

Try it at your next networking event! And, if you can make it in Sacramento – get to an event by SacGNN.com. If someone sticks a business card in your hand then ask, “Why would I call you?”

Social Media Skills 101 Class

Registration is available for: Social Media Skills 101
Location: 3665 Bleckley St., Suite 101, Mather, CA 95655.

Description: Based on student demand and a need for better clarity around social media tools, Social Media Path has partnered with Peppers.TV to offer live, classroom Do-it-yourself education.
You get:
• A cursory overview of the how and why of Social Media
• Social online guidelines for business
• What web sites to use the most and how to use them
• How-to get fans and followers
• How-to build online \”expert\” proof that leads to subscribers and sales
• Time-saving browser tips
• How-to make your writing Google friendly
We’ll cover:
• Blogging
• Linkedin
• Facebook
• Youtube
• Twitter
Our class is fun, engaging, insightful and jargon-free. Best of all, you’ll leave with a renewed sense of how to build interactive online marketing into your business day without feeling overwhelmed. Social Media Skills 101 will alleviate any fear or apprehension of embracing social technology.
Start Time: 14:00
Date: 2009-06-25
End Time: 16:00

Moleskine notebook chicken salad

I met up with friends Ronnie Ledesma and Angela D’Arcy, to talk sponsorship for the Sacramento Social Media Club.  We’re all moleskine fans as it turns out.  I looked around online and came across this really cool video by Davide Bogie on the making of Gfeller cases for Moleskine notebooks.  I find true craftsmanship mesmerizing.

can’t see? watch here


Social Media Club: Government 2.0

Yesterday the Sacramento Chapter of Social Media Club held an exception panel discussion on Government 2.0.  There were many insights around what government at the Federal and State levels are doing to embrace and manage initiatives.  The move from use of the web as an archive and distribution medium to one of communication and listening is enormously impactful.

Who we are as a governed people, and what kind of government we have has the potential to be back in our hands.  Caution: Beware those that will attempt to manipulate law and policy to get in the way of this happening.

The Social Media Club’s panel discussion was recorded live.

Panelist Bios are on the Press Release at SacStarts.

View/listen to the meeting on Ustream.tv here.

Disclosure: I (Jeff Marmins) am the intro speaker on the subject of transparency.

Free Videos by Ustream.TV