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Social Media Business Tip: Know Keyboard Shortcuts

Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts

Something I learned about being proficient on a computer, as simple as it sounds, is not being “mouse-dependent.”

Here’s a secret (sort of). The software you use to manage social properties is your browser. Irregardless of hardware platform, social media, blogging and online research are easier and faster if you:

  1. Use your keyboard in addition to your mouse
  2. Know and use the right-mouse button
  3. Understand and take advantage of your browser
  4. Group your online activities by bookmark folder and browser window

I’ll discuss #s 2 – 4 in a future post.  Let’s make you a bit faster with keyboard shortcuts for now Continue Reading…

Better Google Search Results

Not that long ago I taught a workshop on using Google tools for  Social Media Marketing.  [Igoogle and google’s gadgets make for an easy sole practitioner / small business social media dashboard].  There were some questions concerning search in general, though.  What could be more important than getting to the information you need quickly and efficiently, whether social media related or not? Continue Reading…

Thieves ‘using Google Earth to steal koi carp’ – Technology.am

The evolution of the privacy issue continues. My mother was concerned about people posting information about their holiday travels.  At the sames time, many have begun to transmit their coordinates via GPS to connect with other friends by searchable proximity.  This alleged crime via Google Earth, however, falls into a “I know what’s in your backyard” category. Is it an invasion of privacy to peak if a company like Google has made the data public without our permission? Can I fill out a form somewhere that says my house is a little black square on the map? Should I be concerned or should I embrace it at the same level as my drooling over a kite boarding advertisement in Facebook that understands my interests? I guess I’d feel differently if I had Koi pond.

Thieves ‘using Google Earth to steal koi carp’ – Technology.am

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