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Better Customer Service from Generosity

generosity and hospitality lead to better customer service

I’ve taught many that hospitality and generosity are the roots of quality customer service and I’ve recently had two separate experiences that have added to my thinking.

1. Shannon, IHOP, East Bidwell St, Folsom, California

It’s a tricky balance at a restaurant and rarely well delivered. Don’t pay enough attention to me and I’m not happy. Pay too much attention to me and I’m annoyed. Shannon knows how to do it and I learned a new rule. It’s “one extra visit.”
So, what are the usual visits if you ‘re going to add an extra?
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Generosity – Give and Give Some More

Being generous is a form of art.  A generous gesture
can take most any shape. Getting ready for a visit with my brother's family I
find myself thinking of some black duffle bags. 
That’s right!  When my son was
born my sister-in-law, Amanda, showed up with three big bags of clothes.  Now, this may happen every day.  In this case, they traveled a coupla thousand
miles, with toddlers in tow.  Amanda, as
it happens, had gathered clothes my nephew had grown out of AND she petitioned
neighbors and friends to do the same. 
Imagine our surprise at the airport…all those bags!  Clothes for our son.

That's what I consider true generosity. You give your all,
and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing." Simone de Beauvoir

How Can I Be More Effective?

How can I be more effective?  Is there a road-map I can use to improve my effectiveness?  What system or process does Jeff Marmins evangelize?  I hope to address these questions by establishing an amalgamation of ideas as a premise for *most* of what my ramblings are about here at jeffmarmins.com.

Time has shown that no one philosophy works for everyone.  We are all a work in progress, attempting to execute and learn concurrently.  I have a passion for examining ways to improve processes for efficiency in sales and relationship management. That kind of “workflow improvement” finds its way into other aspects of my life.  I also made my share of mistakes in years past that push me to learn and encourage effectiveness through character, values and principles.

Core Values as the driving force to an improved level of effectiveness

This model is the root of the “system.”
Driving Forces of Effectiveness


The model states that time-tested values such as  Vision, Identity, Purpose, Order, Concentration, Integrity, Harmony and Progression drive effectiveness to your desired level.  Each of these can be explored with some depth.  I’ll address each individually in separate posts. Collectively, they combat “resisting forces” like, “Too many things to do, Fatigue, lack of purpose, not enough money, not enough time, mental fragmentation, etc.”

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