5 Reasons Not to Miss A Webcast Featuring Jason Falls

Act now button to register for Jason Falls webcast brought to you by C7groupHave you heard Jason speak or seen him online?  Social Media Marketing is talked about a lot – not often with this kind of value, fun or authentic, candid style.  Lets just say he’s our kind of guy, but we’re a biased bunch and have no shame when it comes to kissing up to our favorite Forbes Magazines’ Top 50 Power Influencers in Social Media.

Our apologies to respected friends and thought leaders we love who also made the list like, Scott Monty, Amber Naslund, Pam MooreLori Ruff, Jeff BullasSteve Farnsworth and Ann Handley*

Register for tomorrow’s webcast, February 7, 2012 10 a.m. PST, featuring Jason Falls, founder of socialmediaexplorer.com and author, No Bullshit Social Media. 
Five reasons that you need to be on Jason’s Falls’ webcast, Moving the Needle: Using Social Media to Advance Your Business,” tomorrow:

1. You will learn how to move from “conversation,” to “conversion.”

2. You will learn how to protect your reputation.

3. You will learn how to build community. 

4. You will learn how to enhance your brand and build awareness.

5. It’s free and will be way more fun and educational than whatever you had planned.


Register for this webcast now or get some more information here.

*More kissing up

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Forbes: Colleges that Do Well On The Web

This is a fun and interesting info-graphic that gives grades and offers statistics about Colleges and Universities and their usage of online properties. Although much of the data in the graphic seems like a continuing trend toward the not-so-useful (focus on number of likes and users instead of engagement for example), there is some valuable data behind the pretty picture.  It’s definitely relevant to see that Forbes created an overall rating based upon their panel of “experts,” evaluated each institution’s website in terms of three major factors: design, content, and usability. Forbes then took submissions of grades from users of the sites and factored them in. Find the links below to all the data.

Schools That Rule the Web
Created by: Best Education Sites

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