What is a social business ecosystem?

The ideal social business ecosystem is all of your people, information and processes connected in such a way as to waste less time finding the right person or the right answer.

[one_half_first]The dictionary defines an ecosystem as any system of interconnecting and interacting parts, as in a business: The success of Apple’s ecosystem depends on hardware/software integration. Manufacturers, retailers, and customers are all part of the automotive industry’s ecosystem.[/one_half_first]

[one_half][lightbox original=”http://www.jeffmarmins.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Social-technology-and-cyberspace-ecosystem.jpg” align=”alignleft” title=”Social Business Ecosystem”]http://www.jeffmarmins.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Social-technology-and-cyberspace-ecosystem-thumb.jpg[/lightbox][/one_half]

It’s a simple way to look at it and makes sense when it comes to where social networking platforms can help people in a business of any size company. A functioning ecosystem is people sharing information easily and servicing customers efficiently.  The conversation among all stake-holders becomes accessible, making each part of the ecosystem truly connected to the other.

The scientific view, based on today’s technology, offers a more detailed explanation to what can be achieved in a business today.

[testimonial_container speed=”3000″ effect=”slide”][testimonial name=”The American Heritage® Science Dictionary” position=””]A community of organisms together with their physical environment, viewed as a system of interacting and interdependent relationships and including such processes as the flow of energy through trophic level sand the cycling of chemical elements and compounds through living and nonliving components of the system. [/testimonial] [/testimonial_container]

Sure, some of that is hard to apply to business as a concept but from a 50,000 foot cultural perspective, we see harmony, order and purpose. Businesses that are growing toward this objective are more fun places to work. They have engaged employees that treat customers better, fostering loyalty. They are not afraid to make mistakes or bring forth bold ideas.

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