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The 4 Types of Evangelical Bigwigs from Futurity.org

The 4 types of evangelical bigwigs

“Most people assume that evangelicals think that they have all the answers. I’ve found that there is a large segment of business leaders who are evangelical who are certain that they don’t have all the answers. Their decision-making is largely pragmatic, and they hope they wind up making the right decisions,” says sociologist D. Michael Lindsay. (Credit: Rice University/Photos.com)

Interesting study of how leaders engage their own faith in their decisions at work

Integrity in Education

Sitting in Mels Diner today, agonizing over a job i want with Yelp.com, I overheard (ok, eavesdropped in on) a conversation that I found disturbing.  A family was discussing a problem concerning High School students that are jumping out in front of cars.  They do so in an attempt to collect insurance money?  Or file law suits?  Can this be true?  I guess it could however I found nothing about it online.  It did remind me that there are still no classes in High School about Character or Principled decision making. As well, my role as a parent may be the only thing between my kids and an intentional traffic incident.

We have to teach self-government.  Personal Integrity has to come before you can be honest and therefore trusted by others.  If you don’t keep promises to yourself than how can you be trusted by others to keep your commitments?