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Self-pity is nothing less than an impulse to destroy yourself. And this is its script:

“This is the way you were made. These are the facts of your situation. It’s bad. Worse than anybody else in the whole world. In fact, it’s so bad, it’s impossible to do anything about it. And therefore, you are free from any responsibility to clean it up. Nobody can blame you for anything.”

Self-pity is a thief, and a liar. A thief, because it steals away every opportunity you have to move on in life. A liar, because anyone who says he tried to clean up his mess but couldn’t succeed is telling an outright lie.
– the comic credit goes to the very funny Dan Wheeler.

Wisdom, Not Hammers

“A home,” wrote Solomon the Wise, “is built with wisdom.”

And not with a hammer.

Because wisdom is the glue of beauty. Wisdom, meaning the ability to step back and see all of the picture, the past and, most important, the future to which all this leads. To see the truth inside each thing.

Without wisdom, there are only fragments. With wisdom, there is a whole. And there is peace between all the parts of that whole.

I subscribe to an email called the “daily dose” from www.chabad.org that has some great stuff like this everyday.  I’m sure other religious sties have something similar.  Any positive reminder or thoughtful note can keep us on the character path.  For those seeking wisdom, the site offers a wonderful section, TheRebbe.org, a joint project of Chabad.org and Jewish Educational Media.