Hootsuite Recommendation for Social Business

There are a number of good utilities available for managing multiple social media and social networking properties like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Hootsuite has become our recommendation and the tool we are implementing for clients. Here are some of our main reasons:

  1. Multiple accounts: Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple Twitter profiles, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook profiles and Facebook pages.  It allows posting to one, many or all accounts at the same time.  You can also organize tabs and columns to group accounts by personal preference.
  2. Browser integration: We recommend Mozilla Firefox and Hootsuite has an add-in that is required for our clients to make sharing information and scheduling tweets and post in advance an easy task.team members
  3. Metrics: skip the url shortener, Hootsuite does it for you but adds tracking for each link
  4. Security/User control: Multiple users can log-in to Hootsuite and have privileges to the same account without access to the primary user-name and password.  this is a deal-maker for any entity that wants to spread responsibility for social accounts across more than one person.
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Speed Networking by SacGNN.com

I really enjoyed attending a speed networking event this week that’s produced by SacGNN.com (Get Networking Now). Rebecca Johnson and Darby Flynn do an awesome job of promoting and organizing events. It didn’t hurt that the event was at Brew It Up with some tasty grub and really good beer.

The real value was in the quick connections, although I think my approach is a bit different than that of some others. Many sit down with their new, instant contact and quickly pitch their product or service after sticking a business card in front of you. Instead, I ask people what their goal or dream is and how I can help. I’ll also ask about passion. I find the connection is better and deeper faster. For example, Jennifer Wilkins is a Human Resource pro for Tony’s Fine Foods. Our very short discussion was just enough to learn that she loves doing floral arrangements and has a passion for history. She’s debating what Masters degree to pursue. We committed to learning more about how we can help each other and are more likely to do so than if I only knew about her current job.

Try it at your next networking event! And, if you can make it in Sacramento – get to an event by SacGNN.com. If someone sticks a business card in your hand then ask, “Why would I call you?”

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