News Release: Ending Homelessness in Sacramento with Better Social Business Workflow

December 29, 2011 (Sacramento, CA) — Sacramento Steps Forward is a non-profit tasked with a critical mission of ending homeless in Sacramento by 2020, serving as a national example of how to end chronic homelessness.  Beginning in January 2012, C7group will partner with Sacramento Steps Forward staff and volunteers to implement social business strategy and tactics for their organization.

Social media technology increases the number of communication channels available to listen and respond to the community and social business procedures often improve workflow processes.  For Sacramento Steps Forward, social business integration plays a dynamic role to fulfill their mission and communicate internally and externally to staff, volunteers, donors, community resource partners and the homeless community.

“The audiences that we need to reach are vast and varied and the information we need to share is often time sensitive,” said Ben Burton, Executive Director, Sacramento Steps Forward.  “We are pleased to partner with C7group who understands social media tools and applications, but also brings the knowledge of the business culture and workflow changes required to integrate social technology throughout our organization,” added Burton.

Sacramento Steps Forward has planned Sacramento Homeless Connect the last four years, and partners with other several community agencies that offer assistance to the many aspects of homelessness, including the partnership with Volunteers of America to operate the Winter Sanctuary program.  Visit for more information about their mission and a full list of their community partners.

C7group is transforming the services marketplace by helping organizations realize the potential of their business from a “customers and people first” perspective.  C7group integrates strategy with social business technology and workflow practices to provide clients with a complete, integrated custom business solution.  C7group’s goal is to help business ensure a sustainable model for business culture and work-style for the social, digital age.  For more information about C7group, visit

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