Microsoft Shares Vision for Office Productivity [Video]

This is quite a fantastic vision of the office of the future. there’s no doubt that it gives some hope for the ideas that are flowing in Redmond. We have to wonder, how much is art and how much is true ideation?


Microsoft has consistently done a great job of catching up to the visionary plays and still doesn’t have a solid offering in the mobile space as compared to Google or Apple. And, we don’t include them as a contender, currently, as a social business software platform for business communication or collaboration. We consider that other platforms and tools must be able to “play nice,” in terms of integration with Microsoft Office and Sharepoint – but that there is no current Microsoft offering that has what others like Jive Software, Drupal Commons or Socialtext do. We love the concepts though and are all geeked out over another indication that interactive holographic extensions of the traditional screen concept might not be all that far away?

What strikes you as exciting or interesting!

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