Jive What Matters [Video]

With the release of the latest Jive 5 social business platform, Jive have made it faster and easier for end users to learn what’s happening around their community and find information and resources that matter most.

This is definitely one of the major selling points of the new Jive 5 platform. Reducing the amount of noise and not leaving end users with information overload or that “did I leave the gas on?” feeling that you are missing out on important information about your job.

The Activity stream of What Matters is where you can stay apprised and engaged in activity happening in our community. For example, it will track activity related to content you are following, people you are following as well as places you are following.

Jive 5 allows users to find your most important updates, intelligently filtered, based on rich social information. You can personalize your stream even more by hiding things you don’t want to see.

Communications are available directly from the homepage, allowing you to jump straight to where you communicate with others and manage incoming communications, including @mentions, shares, and direct messages. The Communications area is your “social inbox” to the community.

It’s everything in one place – so you don’t miss anything. And you have a lot of functionality you can do right from this stream, such as rating, liking, previewing, commenting.

From the homepage where you can manage all your awaiting workflow actions, including document and friending/connecting approval notifications.

You’ll also see what’s recommended for you – stuff you may otherwise have missed. It’s recommended based on your social activity

  • How connected are you to the author
  • How connected are you to the place
  • How similar is it to things you “like”
  • Have your connections commented on it?
  • Have your connections shared it.

Here’s a YouTube video of the tool in action.

We think that Jive 5 is a huge step forward for the Enterprise. To schedule a demo or a discussion about social business in general call 916.342.6135 today!

Disclosure: C7 is a Jive Partner.

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