“With a speaking style that is energetic, entertaining and personal, Jeff Marmins educates clients on modern digital sales, social media and content marketing.”

He customizes every presentation to be audience specific, periodically adjusting to match the level of comprehension and engagement. His speaking engagements are better described as spirited discussion with high-participation and tangible take-away.

Jeff has presented to government agencies, technologists, marketers, media, students, entrepreneurs, and many other groups. He covers these topics from the 50,000 foot level down to the step-by-step workshop depending on audience and need.

“Jeff’s keynote opened my eyes to the future of social networking and put a professional vs. social spin on it, which is helpful to me in re-tooling my business plan.” ~ Renee Bosley, Wells Fargo Insurance Services

Speaking Programs

How To Build Interactive Digital Relationships That Generate More Revenue

trust social networking speaking programSocial Selling: It’s an activity not a website. Marketing, public relations and the media are embracing the social web to attract new customers and build brand loyalty. It doesn’t end there. Content marketing strategy and the development of valuable, useful content for the purpose of acquiring customers is both art and science. It’s a learning process to transition from “megaphone” to “mega-listen.” Customers can help decide which products go to market. What’s next?

Social Media Engagement and Risk Management

Man walking high wire in picture with arm holding pillow representing social media risk managementToday’s public social platforms and nearly commoditized connectivity brings about significant risks for government and business. The discussion of how to mitigate the risks without sacrificing digital social engagement that customers and constituents demand is critical. This talk covers:

Regulation in Digital Communication  – Wrangling the Moving Target
Communicating Awareness
Social Media Threat Landscape
Brand and Crisis Management Strategies and Observations
Embracing Technology Through Culture and Process

Why You Need To Care About Social Business and How it’s Changing Company Culture

Whatever you want to call our era today: The Information age, the technology age or the knowledge economy, our social connectivity via the internet is changing how we participate in each other’s lives across the globe. Now, it is changing how business must listen to its customers and employees. The barrier between personal and business is crumbling. Each and every person now can reach millions in minutes, with good news or sharp criticism. As your business learns to listen, what will it do when it hears something?