Left my shoes at home…

I spent Sunday night, 7/17 at the San Francisco Airport Hilton.  I was there to attend a leadership forum for LEAP practitioners.  I include macro economic financial advice and the LEAP model in my practice.  It’s a great place to start with a small business owner.  I learn so much about how they manage their business from the character decisions they make with money and family.  I don’t always do it, but when I do, the relationship, and, therefore the help, can be that much deeper. My Sunday night distraction, though, was that I forgot my shoes for my Monday outfit.

Surprising where a little self discovery will come from.  I called my wife, the stores closed, what should I do?  I spoke with the hotel, I paced in my room.  I needed to get in front of my laptop and finish a proposal and a few client deliverables for the week.  I was about to be in conference for most of Monday.  But I’d have to wear my casual Keens (comfortable shoes – great company – founder Jim Van Dine is on my “aspirational contact list”) with my dress slacks.  Ugh!  Nothing I could do…

How silly is this i thought the next day.  Bob Castiglione, brilliant Economist and creator of the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process, is about to speak in a relatively intimate venue, and I’m distracted by my shoes.  I also had people that I knew were attending that I had planned to seek out.  It occurred to me, in a moment where I may have laughed out loud, just how ridiculous I was acting.  Focus – you’re hear to learn and connect.  And I did – it was a great day.  I scurried back to the Historic District of Folsom to head out with the culinary cowboys.  We had a cool invite to a brewery for a private BBQ.  I made our limo pick-up and there were friends waiting for us.  Great time.  The cowboys met, as is our new habit, the following morning to collaborate on our article for Folsom ElDorado Hills Style Magazine.

The week has continued to be a busy tour of trying to be productive and proactive.  And, I occasionally find myself thinking about how important it is to stay focused and not let the little things distract you and pull you of the course of connecting your activity with what you really want.

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