Digital Tools Required For CMO Jobs Today

This article posted on August 14, 2009 by David Kiley, BusinessWeek:

The last few years have been awfully hard on marketing and advertising professionals. Companies are cutting back headcount. Downward trends on ad spending have slaughtered ad agency staffing. Jobs are scarce. The weekly Brand New Day/CMO Club weekly survey shows, perhaps not surprisingly, that digital marketing expertise has far surpassed classic marketing experience as the most valuable asset you can bring to a job interview.

The CMO CLUB Weekly Poll Question: What expertise is most valuable to you today when hiring new talent in your marketing organization?

101 CMOs responded:

38.6% Digital marketing
21.8% Classical marketing
18.8% Marketing ROI/Metrics
11.9% Sales
8.9% Social Media

A few Quotes from CMOs in the club who responded:

“Everyone is talking about social media but I need new expertise in my organization for more comprehensive digital marketing skills.”
“People confuse good classical marketing skills with reliance on traditional media. I’m always looking for classical marketing excellence in assessing customer needs, developing the right customer segments and serving those segments from messaging, products, pricing and customer support. This drives the media decisions. Classical marketing expertise with the knowledge of leveraging digital marketing in the mix is the holy grail for us.”

“Marketing ROI/Metrics are important but I have lots of help in my organization in thinking this through. It’s a top priority for our business to understand and deliver based on ROI/metrics, but that’s not the primary skillset I need to add to the team to deliver this.”

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