“The  range of quality, insight, connections and experience within “social media” is vast and diverse.  Even the phrase, as a mainstream idiom, is new. “

Jeff has been involved in business online since the internet became public, managing  early website, intranet and e-commerce projects.  His role in technology has often been a combination of sales, marketing and project management, from an early background in quality assurance and testing in enterprise software.

“Jeff has a keen ability to map business needs to technology solutions.”

David R. Springett, Ph.D
President, Community College Foundation
Director, Chordiant Software, Incorporated

“It’s not theory.  I’ve been online since 1987. Over the past 22 years I have been involved in several hundred online communities: Underground hacker groups, BBSs, Usenet newsgroups, IRC channels, listservers, online services, packet switched networks, discussion forums… and more recently: wikis, blogs, microblogging, social bookmarking and social networking sites.”

“Jeff is a connector of people and ideas. He is a valuable resource when it comes to technology and social media.”

Colleen Belcher
Managing Editor, The Sacramento Press

“I have a passion for the convergence of relationship development and social technologies. Fortunate to have seen the value of web based applications in sales and marketing early in their history, I participated in some of the first web site, e-commerce and e-learning projects.”

Jeff invented a customer-centric decision making methodology for customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation (SFA) to accelerate relationship development and make sales forecasting more accurate.  He began to incorporate online social interaction (now called “social media”) into sales and marketing in 2000 after being inspired by the “Cluetrain Manifesto.”

“…”Jeff is an amazing entrepreneur with both operations and business development prowess. Jeff’s intellect and wit elevate the experience of doing business while creating confidence and trust in any interaction. Ultimately Jeff brings results making any investment of time and resources well spent.”…”

Bonnie Browning
Co-Founder, AVID Productions

“I’m a process maven and I’ve trained and consulted in customer-driven sales and customer service improvement for more than fifteen years.”

“Jeff offers intelligent solutions to enhance communications and develops unique networking systems and processes. He is quick to understand his clients needs, and applies just in time solutions. Jeff to articulates with clarity; meets his commitments consistently.”

Anthony Dury, Ph.D
Principal, Dury & Associates