Social Media Marketing Revolution

The experience of providing services and training in social media marketing and integrating those efforts into traditional marketing and PR strategy has led us to some concrete observations.  Our business is shifting into social business design.  Online platforms for community engagement and relationship development now impact every point in sales, marketing and customer service.  It will become difficult to segment business functions.  Tools will continue to be developed to monitor the real conversation that is happening around business brands and concepts.

The graphic below represents the evolution of marketing.  Note: The marketing “pie slice’ could be easily replaced by another business function. The rate of  change has reached light-speed.

Social Media Marketing convergence graphic
Social Media Marketing Mashup

All four quadrants represent areas of significant change that must be considered together.  The effect can either be social business strategy consideration across business models or newer tools, platforms and tactics will be misapplied in a vacuum.  This means business will either ask the questions:  “How does this affect our process?  Where can we gain efficiency?  What has to change?” or it will hire interns or agencies to simply run Twitter and Facebook as if they are merely additions to their battery of marketing vehicles.

I look forward to discussing social business design and social business strategy, particularly in the business-to-business environment in future posts, but I thought I’d offer a simple real life example:

Social networks are forging relationships and allowing groups to form ad hoc around products and issues.  This can be as simple as two people talking about seeing a new movie via twitter and fourteen (14) people end up seeing a movie together.  They all check-in on Foursquare and learn there are 3 other friends at the movie.  Now 17 people divide into two groups and go out for dinner after the movie based on Yelp reviews found on their mobile phones.  Relationships are deepened.  Behavior is openly shared and public sentiment spreads rapidly.

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