Rotary Four Way Test

I’m a RotarianRotary has had an incredible impact on this planet. And, Rotarians carry with them a simple code for daily living called the Four Way Test.  These are questions we use everyday to benchmark our words and deeds:

– Is it The Truth
– Is it Fair to All Concerned
– Will it Build Good Will and Better Friendships
– Will it Be Beneficial To All Concerned

I encourage you to seek out Rotarians and Rotary Clubs.  Formerly an "old guys" organization, youthful exuberance, entrepreneurial spirit and creative community fundraising are the new Rotary of today and tomorrow.

I helped charter our three year old Rotary Club of Historic Folsom and we’ve reached fourty members with a nearly 50/50 male/female balance.  We have a blast and have a great list of accomplishments in our short history.  Come see us on Thursday mornings if you’re in town!

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