Renewal on the path to Mastery

I’m working my way through "The Personal MBA," by Josh Kaufman.  He completed the work as a manifesto at  Both are worth more than a quick view. 

One book (text) out of many that a part of Kaufman’s recommended list included in the Personal MBA is Mastery by George Burr Leonard.

"Mastery draws on Zen philosophy and the author’s expertise in the martial art of Aikido to show how the PROCESS of Mastery can help us attain a higher level of excellence and a deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in our daily lives."

Leonard discusses the path to Mastery as long and rocky with no quick and easy payoffs.  He also discusses types of people and societal influence that cause us to be Dabblers, Obsessives and Hackers instead.  I found it enlightening.  Leonard gives Essential keys and tools for Mastery of most anything – your career, athletic potential, relationships and creating harmony within yourself. 

Mastery was not only a brilliant inclusion in a self imposed individual MBA program but influential on my decisions concerning what it is I desire to Master – and that it is a lifelong endeavor.

It’s been some time since my last posting on this blog.  I believe I approached it (blogging) as some combination of obsessive and dabbler.  I wanted community and value to be realized instantly.  When it wasn’t happening as planned I abandoned the project – but it gnawed at me – both as something important to discuss and foster, and now as something to Master. 

I continue on with your help.  Please email suggestions, post comments, and make contributions.


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