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This week at C7group we spent a bit of time thinking about how David Allen’s system and principles coordinate with our project management, customer relationship management and document sharing. We mapped our tools to our favorite system for managing incoming information and processing it. As a small business, we use Podio for projects (connecting ideas and teams), Nimble for people-centric CRM and communication with the outside world (a great tool that creates one inbox for email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +), and Dropbox for sharing content (docs, photos, etc.). We use other tools in the cloud however these are the ones that relate the most to “Getting Things Done.

A premise that Mr. Allen discusses in his talk is getting the details, tasks, etc. out of your head so that your brain is available for control and perspective. This is also a great business practice. When all of our details are mapped and written, our minds are better equipped to solve problems for customers and manage our business effectively.

Change is coming faster and faster. Freeing our minds for thinking, creativity and responding to change is imperative.  One of my favorite martial arts and David Allen teachings is to be like water. As you move from a phone call with Mom, a computer  crash and then an important negotiation you must able to act thoughtfully and responsibly  – calmly, like water. David says, “Water reacts the same to a pebble or boulder. It does not brace for impact and always returns to a calm, ready state.”  There are many tools now, on your phone, tablet and computer, that make this process easier as long as you align it with some sort of map and guideline.

Watch David Allen’s talk “The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” at TEDx ClaremontColleges


Do you have a productivity tip? How about a suggestion for dealing with stress?

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