Meditate, Pray and Visualize

Visualize and Meditate your goals

During this season, with Thanksgiving upon us, I’m especially grateful for the support of good friends. Life these past months has been a flurry of activity. Sometimes that activity has been connected to goals and appropriate vision. Often it has felt like I’ve been bounced or yanked from one thing to the next with the stress of what “I’m not getting to,” or what  “I’m not doing enough of,” in order to meet the expectations of others (and sometimes my own.) In the midst of a marketing strategy discussion with good friend, Lori Saitz, she could tell that I and our team were stressed. [Lori is a pro at helping business improve customer experience, market strategically and increase client loyalty.  She knows how to get things done efficiently with a sense of humor and fun] Shortly thereafter, I received the following from Lori:

Here’s the requested promise. Take 5 minutes (that’s not very long) EVERY day, starting today, to get quiet. Meditate, pray, visualize, think about what you are grateful for. Just do it. I know you believe in the power of connecting to spirit, and yet I’m guessing you are not doing it right now because you’re too busy getting things done. Do it anyway.
The reason I’m asking you to promise me is because it’s too easy to break a commitment to ourselves. You’re doing important work and you need to be listening to the direction God, Spirit, the Universe, etc. is giving you.

I read this a few times and have put it into practice. When do answers to our most pressing or complicated problems come to mind? It is unwise to think that more time at your desk or just mulling over an issue repeatedly will achieve optimum results.  Quite a lot can be done by investing time visualizing, meditating or even when experiencing real joy.  Playing with your children, enjoying the company of others and being sure to quiet your mind and quit thinking so much on a regular basis will keep you further from panic, fear and best of all, driving others crazy.

Holy Baade is one of  C7group’s enterprise consultants in change management. She is a visionary, facilitator and guide in the arena of human energy dynamics. Holly says;

“The world demands its heroes! We must each be brave enough to look with courage at our own selves; listen through stillness to our own voice; and wield with endurance our swords of service – laughing Joyfully all along the way!”

Do you make time to quiet your mind? Meditate? Connect to your vision and your goals regularly? How?



  • KevinKnauss

    Thank you for the reminder. So often I here people say they don’t have time to write a blog. I am glad you have been able to set some time aside to write about, what I consider to be, important topics.

  • Thanks @KevinKnauss – I appreciate the comment.

  • Lori Anderson

    Thanks for a great post, Jeff. Although I know how important it is to be still and quiet my mind, I forget oh-too-easily to do it! I’m trying to train myself to use my waking moments to ponder the day ahead and visualize what I need or hope for. I’ve also begun to use my a.m. social media check-in to search for and share some inspiration on my page. Finding the perfect phrase or photo or gentle spiritual nudge helps me to connect with a higher vibration of thought, embrace it, and by sharing it I’m putting some positive energy out to the world.

  • Thank you @Lori Anderson – sometimes it’s just that moment of stillness and quiet. I love the idea of combining it with something you share! That’s the great thing about even writing a blog post like this one. There’s no doubt that I’m reminding myself to take my own advice. I’ll be you could write something good about character and principles for this blog! 🙂

  • fergusonsarah

    Very inspiring blog.. Hope it will inspire others as it did to me.. Thanks for sharing..:)

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