Essential People you need in your life

Nevereatalone_natlbestseller_cover_1I like lists.  And, I love Keith Ferrazzi and his book Never Eat Alone.  Yesterday’s post on the Never East Alone Blog by Ian Yberra has the following with a link to good descriptions of the first five or so on Kai Chang’s Blog:

"How many essential people in your life?

My friend Kai Chang lists his 16 and a few descriptions on his blog. Here’s the list for quick viewing.

1. Headhunter
2. Computer Security Guru
3. Realtor
4. Criminal Defense Attorney
5. Personal Finance Advisor/CPA
6. Medical Doctor
7. Police/Law Enforcement Officer
8. "The Wolf"/"The Cleaner"039_27431harveykeitelposters
9. The Event/Ticket Connection
10. The Local Celebrity
11. Big Money Guy
12. Local Politician
13. Auto Mechanic
14. Consigliere
15. Mr. Connections
16. Best Friend

It’s valuable to have a list of categories such as these but also make sure you fill them with friends.  Some should be a few people deep just in case your first stringer ends up unavailable.  As Ian said, "How long is your list and Who’s on it?"

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