Disappearing Act

My son Cole just had his first birthday. It is also the one year Anniversary of my foray into being a corporate-lackey-non-involved-hermit. My network withering and community involvement at zero, I begin reconnecting with clear perspective and focus. Liz_hannah_and_cole_0508_small

A year of learning the wireless industry from within the trenches of telesales at Verizon Wireless proved wise. As a research opportunity for me, not having worked at a firm of over 100 people for 15 years, it’s been an enlightening experience. I can debrief elsewhere as it applies to my appetite for metrics, measurement, procedure etc. For now, from the perspective on humanity, it’s
incredible what people endure to provide a living and good benefits for their families. AND, it’s even more incredible how much time they spend away from their families in order to do so. Wireless telecom does have its appeal though, and a future that’s fun to predict.

I’ve made some good friends at Verizon, but based on my schedule and new family priorities, I’ve neglected many. And, I look forward to the coming summer of returning to connecting and communicating in the way I’ve always enjoyed. It’s a part of me that I miss. And I miss so many people. I miss stunt-kite flying too so don’t get

My daughter, Hannah, has her 4th birthday party tomorrow. Liz and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. My son will make you laugh harder than a silly string war at a clown convention. No complaints.

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