I Don’t Care What Donald Trump Does

Donald Trump follower saluting Trump with Hitler Nazi salute

I don’t care that Donald Trump is a pompous jerk that puts his name on everything he owns and sells. Mr. Trump is a great example of a successful businessman. He took a big pile of money, made it a much bigger one. He is a master of classic business skills.

I know difficult, abrasive people that are successful in businesses.

I used to think it was required; you had to be a tough, short-tempered, disagreeable SOB to manage lots of projects, vendors and employees. In fact, early in my career, selling specialty foods to grocery stores, the bigger the store, the “tougher” and more disagreeable the person in charge was. Business success is often about other things than popularity or even likability. So, Donald Trump is a selfish bastard. So what?

In 2015, Trump earned $71 million from condo sales and collected $41.9 million in rental income. Trump used the tax law to his advantage and improved his bottom line. I would have. Would you have told your accountant, “No, no. Please don’t use the provision that gives me a $960 Million dollar write-off”? I’m guessing not.

So he’s not an idiot, just a narcissistic bastard. Without a multitude of those guys at the helm this past century the Grand Havana Room would probably be The Birdcage.

I liked The Apprentice in the first two seasons.

Angry low character Donald Trump in blue tie celebrity apprenticeI watched it. It was entertaining. It became an infomercial…for Trump branded products, properties and partners. I lost interest but it reinforced my opinion that Mr. Trump is an impressive marketer. He deeply understands marketing and market timing. That’s why he’s running this year instead of 2012.  Do you remember his test balloon candidacy? Bad timing. Bad investment. He knew he couldn’t win. The Obama campaign was the first presidential campaign to properly leverage digital marketing, eventually outspending Republican nominee, Mitt Romney 10:1 online.  I imagine Trump knew he couldn’t get that kind of traction, until now. He has mastered corralling the uneducated and economically challenged masses with the digital media and his own social channels.

Donald Trump is a manufactured marketing effort.

Despite the open, collaborative, consumer-empowered digital age, Trump still manages to spin his own reality by sheer volume, fear mongering and Mussolini-esque populism.  His campaign team understands exactly what issues play to the most swing votes and what messages resonate with those that are the most frustrated with the current administration and US politics. 

I don’t care what Donald Trump does…

but he shouldn’t be a nominee for The President of The United States. Donald Trump should never be in the Oval Office or even the White House as a guest at a State Dinner, lest he embarrass our country further. He’s a preposterous figure on the global stage. Donald Trump does not possess the temperament to make decisions about infrastructure funding, medical research or the men and women of our armed services that could be in harm’s way protecting our country. He has proven this on countless occasions.

Angry Donald Trump yelling and screamingI don’t possess the proper temperament to be The President of The United States.

I’m not the man for the job. I can be reactive when calm is needed and insensitive when kindness is called for. I’m working on it. I imagine there are many who do not qualify because they do not have the character or temperament for the job.

I don’t believe that Donald Trump understands that he isn’t a fit for this role…that this job doesn’t suit him well. Instead, it’s a marketing exercise. His candidacy is an exercise in ego, like a casino, a reality TV show or The Old Post Office Pavilion just a few blocks from the White House. Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, The Presidency is not just a land grab or something else to emblazon with  his  monogram.

Donald Trump doesn’t have a filter, he doesn’t weigh and evaluate opinion and he doesn’t seek counter-argument. I have never seen Donald Trump as solemn, contemplative or dignified. Has anyone? The President of the United States requires a form of brilliance, statesmanship and character that reveals itself in the appointment of leadership for the more than four million Americans that the Armed Forces and the Executive Branch employs. Are Eric and Ivanka the next Secretaries of Defense and State? Based on notoriety, they are as qualified for those jobs as their father is for President. Perhaps they even have the diplomacy skills and temperament that Donald lacks.

We don’t know what the next President will face. Do we want the person that holds the office of President of the Unites States to be subject to quick, thoughtless reactions and tantrums? Someone that incites his followers to violence and anger? The Presidency is a trusteeship.  It is not a vanity exercise or a marketing victory.

Given Donald Trumps personality and character qualities, how would our founding fathers and every President that has held the office before him view his candidacy? Would they vote for him?

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