He stood me up

Have you had the experience of sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop and your date or business associate doesn’t show up?  I had this happen a few months ago. 

Frantic_manMy meeting mate had a bit of a reputation for being a bit of a
flake – he operates at a frenetic pace.  The kind of energy that you can tell is perhaps busy but not necessarily productive.  We were due to meet for coffee and discuss strategy for a local organization where we both serve as Board members.

He never showed up – not only that, but I sent him an email, text message and left voice mail messages on both his cell phone and office lines.  He never got in touch – no apology, no communication whatsoever. 

Fast forward a few months to a Board  workshop.  After milling around networking and getting coffee I returned to my chair to see an apology note and a $25 gift certificate for coffee.  I was cordial about it but still thought it was a low character move – a payoff of sorts for thoughtless behavior.  Sleazy_business_behavior

Fast forward again to a chance meeting with my mentor and advisory board member Dave DeRoos of CityGate Associates.  Dave is a character coach and we discussed the behavior of my coffee meet no-show.  He said,"I imagine this guy has a car full of gift cards, that way he never needs to be responsible for his behavior."  He also thought that perhaps I should have cut up the card…

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