Consistent Blogging Matters

The word blogging written in ink on a pair of side-by-sirde hands, one word per finger.Should you care to take a look at my blogging history since 2005 you’ll find some irony in the title of this post. Sometimes it takes a proverbial, “whack in the head.” to set me straight. In this case it only took three. Please allow me to explain.

I have had some terrific encouragement from a few friends. I have a great deal of respect for their thinking and work, much of which they share, consistently, online through regular blogging, newsletters and social media. I first had a discussion with Esteban Kolsky. He’s a thought leader, consultant and advisor  in Go-to-market strategy, CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Building credibility in thought leadership, consulting and speaking requires sharing content of value. Esteban encouraged me by talking about the work he’s done as a direct result of blogging.

Next Euan Semple basically said I couldn’t do what I do and not write about my thoughts and opinions. Euan has introduced social media and modern web technologies into the BBC, BP, The World Bank and NATO. He is a great example of choosing a side, offering an opinion and taking a stand. He calls it likes it is and usually does so on his blog, “The Obvious.”

Yesterday I did a short “lightning round” talk at a fun Sacramento WordPress Meetup group. I have some WordPress experience and I like the platform. I felt a bit disingenuous though, based on my inconsistent blogging frequency.  My friend Jennifer Bourn and her husband/business partner Brian were also speakers and we talked afterword. One of the things I admire about their company, Bourn Creative,  is that she and her business produce content that you can set your watch by.  They are in the business of helping people do their website and blog successfully as part of creating great brands.   It was a well timed opportunity for me to promise to do this the right way.

Some More Irony

I recommend blogging to customers and friends. I recommend blogging as a critical component of digital marketing strategies. I recommend strategies for creating and curating content to help build credibility with your audience. I have done a horrible job of blogging consistently. Often, I have made excuses using the “cobbler and his shoes,” analogy. I can’t really say for sure if cobblers are walking around with worn wingtips, but I’m certain you wouldn’t buy website development and design services from a company with a lousy, difficult to navigate website.

So, it’s time to blog consistently. Thanks to those that tell me what I need to hear even it takes three blows to the head for me to listen. I’m now on the hook for a promised regular interval of rich blog content. It is my intent to inform and discuss. I hope you’ll  participate in my newly invigorated journey


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jeffmarmins moderator

Thanks Euan!  I appreciate your encouragement. 


Hurrah! I was scanning Google +, was attracted to your post title before realising it was you, and then discover I am mentioned in the post! Can't wait for the others.