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8 Exponential Trends That Will Shape Humanity: Century of the City State

LinkedIn gets me. Granted, I’ve taught it’s news aggregating algorithms a thing or two about me over the last ten years. This slide deck really struck me as it was presented in the recommended news on my LinkedIn home page. You didn’t think I got my news from an old media network on TV did you?

I hadn’t heard of Sparks & Honey, the New York advertising, marketing and PR agency that “Helps brands hijack, accelerate and ultimately ignite culture, ”  but I’m following them now on Twitter and Tumblr. They produced the trend report below (that found me).

Cultural change is driving our revolution and evolution and we’re at the very beginning. 3-D printing, the city-state, morphing education systems. We are restructuring how we are spending our time. As most generations have said before me, what an amazing world my children will experience. If you’re as excited about the future as I am, you’ll appreciate this overview of trends with a detail on the “Century of The City State”…

What is driving your path to the future? How is your world changing?

Social Networks: America's Largest Companies

Jolie O’dell at Mashable published an article with some interesting findings from NetProspex about how employees of larger companies are using social media.  LinkedIn is still the professional connection point for employees of larger companies:

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Recommend Others Online

In the midst of a tough day yesterday I was humbled by this recommendation I received:

“Enthusiastic (and hilarious) advocate of social media. Get’s it.”
by Ward Supplee, Silicon Valley

Thank you Ward!  Providing recommendations and testimonials for your associates, customer and vendors is best done online.  This recommendation appeared on Mr. Tweet.  Recommending individuals on Linkedin and businesses on Yelp is great for helping build their credibility online.  You’ll feel good about doing it. They’ll feel even better when they get it.

Linkedin Class Research: Reid Hoffman Interview

Searching the web for ideas and cool stuff I can share in our upcoming online classes,  I came across this video interview on CNN.   It’s a brief discussion with Linkedin co-founder Reid Hoffman about how the networking site was created to build upon existing relationships.

The LinkedIn Blog: CNBC gets LinkedIn

I just connected to a friend, Lane Kintigh, from high school! It really brightened my morning. Who would have guessed that i had an old friend that teaches German and knows Library Sciences?

Linkedin just keeps growing. It’s a great way to connect professionally or just catch up. It doesn’t replace picking up the phone or connecting in more personal ways. I believe it will continue to grow as social networking services continue to be the thriving business model online.

The chasm between personal and business continues to diminish. Every kind of connection brings us closer to ways we can help each other have success. How are you connecting?

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A good day in San Jose

Amtrak to San Jose from Sacramento was going to be so late that I had to drive to make my first appointment on-time.  So much for hours of focused reading and writing.  I had thinking and catch-up phone calls in traffic instead.  It was worth it.   I had wonderful meeting with an old acquaintance and a new one (that I met through linkedin).  It was that first meeting
that made my day.  You know the feeling when you make the right connection with someone?  And you realize that there is HARMONY (one of my favorite character traits for effectiveness) with the potential to do great things together.

My meeting was with Michael Gaines, a Principal of John Epperheimer’s company, Workpath Group.  I know less about Workpath than I do about Michael and his enthusiasm (I had planned to read lots of stuff about them on that train!) – and that’s what really made me want to do some work with Workpath.  Michael is a sharp guy with a unique ability.  He whittled the capabilities of mine to fit best with areas where he could leverage my talent based on what he gleaned from my story and passion.   Effective, efficient, productive, and fun.