Twitter – looking past spam and celebrity tweets

I’m often asked questions like, “What is Twitter?” and, “How is Twitter useful?” It can be easier to demonstrate than it is to talk about and explain – at least it is for me. The real technological capability above and beyond the “What are you doing?” phenomenon is just beginning to be tapped. And, the opportunity for invention and creative application reaches beyond the mainstream noise. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find interesting examples of how twitter is much more than just another way for the MLM crowd to spam you!

Often I reference a story about a college student that “twitterized” his laundry machines to announce availability.  This could have saved me a lot of trips to the basement of my dorm freshman year.  The twitter feed is

Here’s Justin Wicket’s video on how he’s set up his lights to go on and off by sending a tweet via text:

Control Lights with Twitter from Justin Wickett on Vimeo.

And this from Gizmodo: “Ryan Rose added an ethernet port and a limit switch to his washer to detect on/off cycles and transmit the data in a more forceful way than some lame “ding” sound. When Ryan’s drawers are done, his washer sends the signal to a couple of LED signs in his living room that flash “WASH,” as well as sending Tweets to his questionably-named Twitter account, Pimpy3Wash.”567813_com_botanicall

Another great example is the Botanicalls House Plant Twitter Kit.  It’s still very Do-it-yourself with regard to assembly, but you can use twitter to monitor your plant and whether or not it’s getting the water it needs.  It’s discussed on as well.

Have some other examples of unique uses of twitter or other social technology tools? Please comment or send us a tweet ~ @socialmediapath.

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Keith Ferrazzi kicks off Who's Got Your Back at Arianna Huffington's

We’re proud to be associated with such a powerful message. Who’s got your back is not just some new flavor of the month self-help book. Our connectedness to others that are not just telling us what we want to hear, but instead telling us what we need to hear has been lacking. This is the beginning of an amazing change for those willing to embrace what it means to have true lifelines and to be a lifeline to others.

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New Classes Launch in Social Media

New classes have been added to the schedule for June and July. We’re offering a new introductory class on LinkedIn in addition to Social media Fast Start. Live classroom opportunities for the Sacramento area include a two hour Social Media 101 Class and a four hour Social Media Skill Set workshop.

Title: Social Media Fast Start: How-to for Business
Location: online
Click on the dates below or visit the class calendar for registration.

Crank it up online! You’re considering a blog or have one. You’ve heard of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and more. Maybe you’re already online with one or more of these tools.

In this class you’ll learn:
* When and how to use them
* How to make them work together efficiently without wasting time
* How to define your “online personality”

Cost: $34.95

Classes are presented to you by Corey Walker of The Marketing Specialist, and Jeff Marmins of Social Media Path.

Social Media Fast Start is conducted online. See us point and click live on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more! Audio is VoiP (voice over Internet) meaning there is no conference call number to dial into, the sound comes through your computer speakers. this class is offered June 9th at 10AM PT and June 30th at 2PM PT.

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