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SlideShare Infographic: The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing

Slideshare is a great tool and an essential component to most social media and online marketing strategies. It is often overlooked but important to consider.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Not Enough

Strategy vs. tactics social business example

Successful Social Media Marketing (SMM) is important.  It will continue to be more and more critical for business to successfully reach and engage customers.  It’s not a strategy though, it’s a tactic. Continue Reading…

This Week’s 10 Most Explosive Facebook Pages (from

kimkardashian social media facebook page

A new week brings a new roundup of Facebook pages that have show awesome growth in popularity. The pages this week seem to be themed around music, saving you a couple bucks, and some good treats . Use our Facebook Statistics Tools to check out all the top pages and applications on the site. Check out the pages below!

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  • Groupon had an impressive week as they picked up about 165,000 new followers. The page features new affordable ways to explore the city using exclusive deals, Groupon bucks, contests, and more. Sign up for the page and refer you friends to receive $10. Check out the Chicago-based Groupon’s Facebook page here.


  • Have awkward moments, quirky habits, and pretty general annoyances? LikeWut’s Facebook page puts random relatable thoughts onto its page for discussion. Like the page for constant updates, enjoy the topics (some are pretty funny), and join the discussion about each post. The site picked up over 153,000 new followers last week. Become a fan of LikeWut.
  • LikeWut

  • Levi’s Facebook page features videos, pictures, and keep an eye out for exclusive deals. Keep up with the page to stay on top of latest fashions from the company. Levi’s gained over 117,000 new followers last week.


  • Comedy Central’s Futurama has had an excellent comeback this season on the network, and the show’s Facebook page continues to grow in popularity. The page includes previews of upcoming episodes and also gather to discuss and share your opinion on other episodes of the show. The season finale of the show is this week, and the page has had a steady rise in popularity over the month. This week Futurama accrued up another 106,800 new fans.


  • Keep up with the latest Black Eyed Peas tour dates, appearances, contests, and more on the band’s Facebook page. The page also includes music and pictures from the road. The Black Eyed Peas picked up over 90,000 new fans last week.
  • Black Eyed Peas

  • With the weekend drama overseas at the annual Reading and Leeds Festivals, Gun N’ Roses still had managed to have an impressive week on Facebook picking up about 86,000 new fans. Keep up with the page for music, news, and maybe you will be lucky enough to get an estimated time of arrival from band for all upcoming Guns N’ Roses concerts.
  • Guns N’ Roses

  • Pepsi is currently giving away grants each month to various projects and ideas based on your votes. Check out the Grant projects on Pepsi’s Facebook page. The page also includes many other interesting tabs, videos, chats, and news about the company’s various products, projects, and promotions. Pepsi gained 82,000 fans this week.
  • Pepsi

  • The hype is building for new episodes of the most popular shows on television to return. CSI: Miami premieres in a little over a month, and has been getting more and more popular by the week on Facebook. 79,000 people became fans of the show this past week. Keep up with news about the shows, sneak peaks at the upcoming episodes, and more on CSI: Miami’s Facebook page.
  • CSI: Miami

  • Keeping up with Kim Kardashian is even easier on Facebook than watching her family’s television show. Not actually sure why you want to, but almost 79,000 new fans seem to prove me wrong. You can keep up with every move the star makes on her Facebook page. The page includes all her latest news, fashion tips, and more.

    Kim Kardashian

  • About 75,700 new fans on Facebook are ogling McDonald’s various menu items. The page includes various downloads, an interesting tab selections including a McDonald’s locator, and more. Become a fan of here.


  • All Facebook, The Unofficial Facebook Resource, is a favorite site – especially when they contribute to our library of real case examples. We’re constantly on the lookout for what’s working and why it works.

    Social Media Marketing Revolution

    The experience of providing services and training in social media marketing and integrating those efforts into traditional marketing and PR strategy has led us to some concrete observations.  Our business is shifting into social business design.  Online platforms for community engagement and relationship development now impact every point in sales, marketing and customer service.  Continue Reading…

    Social Strategy: Know your target audience

    Thanks to Forrester Research for developing this tool to determine the mix of your perspective audience in social media. It’s based on Forrester’s Social Technographics® consumer classification model.

    Social Media Path subscribes to this model as a tool for understanding your target audience.  Our business is based on building social strategy by first examining customer behavior.  The result is clear expectations and better customer relationships.

    Features of this profile:

    • For an explanation of these groups (Creators, Critics, etc.), see a presentation (8 slides) or read Chapter 3 of Groundswell
    • Bars indicate the percentage of the selected demographic that are in each Social Technographics group.
    • The white marks indicate the same percentages for the whole population of the country selected.
    • The index indicates how the demographic compares to the population — a score of 100 means the demographic is the same as the population average.
    • The message “No data available” appears when you request a profile for which Forrester survey samples are not large enough to provide a reliable answer. This occurs for age groups in Japan, Metro China, and South Korea. To see profiles in these countries, set the Age to “Not specified”.

    Seth Godin and Tom Peters on blogging

    Seth Godin said, “The value of blogging is the meta-cognition of thinking of what you are going to say.  It’s the process.”


    What a valuable minute and a half.  Watch this exceptional short video…


    Lifestreaming, Dashboards and Efficiency

    Providing the business education in social media requires consistent research. We could use your help.
    Continue Reading…

    Getting Social Media Education Right

    It’s harder than I thought it would be. Isn’t everything? We’re offering classes in social media and attendance online has been low. It’s mostly due to how we’re marketing. That, and the fact that we’re charging for a class that many may think they can learn elsewhere for free. Not so. I’ve taken a lot of the online free stuff. Simply put, you usually get what you pay for…not that I haven’t pulled an idea or two from a free webinar. Our classroom experience in teaching Social Media Fast Start for business was different.

    We had a full and engaged classroom. Attendance was all over the map with representatives from small business, government, non-profit, corporate and “my mom sent me.” I was excited and having fun, and I think the class was too. So, i didn’t get to about 1/3 of my slides. I found myself torn between getting everyone’s questions answered and covering the material as promised.

    This seems to be an ongoing challenge – I’ve now spoken to a variety of groups and the conversation goes in so many directions. There are many questions about how to do social media and market online. So, once again, based on customer and student feedback, we’re making some changes.

    Our launch begins with a new 11Am – 415PM classroom workshop that includes the initial professional photography and a video clip needed to get online appropriately.  We’ll have enough time to cover basic tools, online properties and the know-how to get started marketing online.   We’re also offering free webinars in addition to more specialized online classes like Facebook Privacy and Security and Twitter Ethics and behavior.

    We welcome feedback on what you think your biggest challenge is so that we can address it in class.

    Digital Tools Required For CMO Jobs Today

    This article posted on August 14, 2009 by David Kiley, BusinessWeek:

    The last few years have been awfully hard on marketing and advertising professionals. Companies are cutting back headcount. Downward trends on ad spending have slaughtered ad agency staffing. Jobs are scarce. The weekly Brand New Day/CMO Club weekly survey shows, perhaps not surprisingly, that digital marketing expertise has far surpassed classic marketing experience as the most valuable asset you can bring to a job interview.

    The CMO CLUB Weekly Poll Question: What expertise is most valuable to you today when hiring new talent in your marketing organization?

    101 CMOs responded:

    38.6% Digital marketing
    21.8% Classical marketing
    18.8% Marketing ROI/Metrics
    11.9% Sales
    8.9% Social Media

    A few Quotes from CMOs in the club who responded:

    “Everyone is talking about social media but I need new expertise in my organization for more comprehensive digital marketing skills.”
    “People confuse good classical marketing skills with reliance on traditional media. I’m always looking for classical marketing excellence in assessing customer needs, developing the right customer segments and serving those segments from messaging, products, pricing and customer support. This drives the media decisions. Classical marketing expertise with the knowledge of leveraging digital marketing in the mix is the holy grail for us.”

    “Marketing ROI/Metrics are important but I have lots of help in my organization in thinking this through. It’s a top priority for our business to understand and deliver based on ROI/metrics, but that’s not the primary skillset I need to add to the team to deliver this.”

    Social Media Skills 101 Class

    Registration is available for: Social Media Skills 101
    Location: 3665 Bleckley St., Suite 101, Mather, CA 95655.

    Description: Based on student demand and a need for better clarity around social media tools, Social Media Path has partnered with Peppers.TV to offer live, classroom Do-it-yourself education.
    You get:
    • A cursory overview of the how and why of Social Media
    • Social online guidelines for business
    • What web sites to use the most and how to use them
    • How-to get fans and followers
    • How-to build online \”expert\” proof that leads to subscribers and sales
    • Time-saving browser tips
    • How-to make your writing Google friendly
    We’ll cover:
    • Blogging
    • Linkedin
    • Facebook
    • Youtube
    • Twitter
    Our class is fun, engaging, insightful and jargon-free. Best of all, you’ll leave with a renewed sense of how to build interactive online marketing into your business day without feeling overwhelmed. Social Media Skills 101 will alleviate any fear or apprehension of embracing social technology.
    Start Time: 14:00
    Date: 2009-06-25
    End Time: 16:00

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