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C7group Social Media Sandbox: Social Media Legal Risk

Did you miss it? Listen to the blog talk radio broadcast below.

I had a great talk with Labor Law Attorney, Matthew Durket about how businesses can plan and respond to the legal issues surrounding social communication, such as loss of intellectual property, compliance violations, reputation management and HR lawsuits.

Recent market research reveals social networking related exposure incidents for US companies have increased each year — from 11% in 2008 to 17% in 2009 and to 21% in 2010.

24% of companies indicated that they have disciplined an employee for his or her activities on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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How is your organization addressing the risk of employee social media use? What are you doing to engage online in a responsible way?



SlideShare Infographic: The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing

Slideshare is a great tool and an essential component to most social media and online marketing strategies. It is often overlooked but important to consider.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Not Enough

Strategy vs. tactics social business example

Successful Social Media Marketing (SMM) is important.  It will continue to be more and more critical for business to successfully reach and engage customers.  It’s not a strategy though, it’s a tactic. Continue Reading…

The Ultimate Content Marketing Infographic

This infographic on content marketing was put together by the exceptionally talented interactive marketing agency Jess3 in collaboration with Eloqua.  It was posted on the Jess3 blog and I found it again on by Jeremy Victor.

The Ultimate Content Marketing Infographic


We are all creators as well as consumers of content online.  This fact is at the heart of why social technology is so pervasive.  I love infographics and they’re one of the more valuable ways to get your point across.  This graphic is one of the best yet at showing what types of content are best used based on the business objective and prospective customer requirements.


Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing at Eolqua, pulled together this post that’s just as valuable as the infographic itself:  16 Experts Answer, “What makes a great infographic?

A favorite from the post:

Mike Volpe, CMO, HubSpot : The best infographics have a high density of information and are easily consumable.  It is an art to be able to take a lot of data, or a number of concepts, and boil it down to one image.  If your infographic makes sense when you look at it for 5 seconds, but is still teaching you things after you have looked at it for a full minute, then you know it is good.

Does this infographic depict more pieces of the puzzle for you? How are you using content marketing? Do you have a favorite infographic to share?

Everybody’s Doing It: How Marketers Are Utilizing Social Media In 2010

Nice info-graphic on how social media is being used this year from a marketing only perspective. I have a lot of respect for Flowtown and the work they do in social media marketing.  They are a standout agency in an industry segment with fragmented qualifications, pricing disparity and further confusion from rapid innovation.  It’s challenging to qualify work in social media right now. Flowtown gets it.

Everybody’s Doing It: How Marketers Are Utilizing Social Media In 2010
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

Streamlining Social Media Workflow

Streamlining much of my work-flow for all social properties. My goals
are different than for many that I advise. It has made me consider
that there are two distinct paths no matter what tools you use:
Easiest and least time consuming. The learning curve can be steeper,
and the set-up more complex in order to arrive at the ongoing solution
that will eat up the least amount of time. i look forward to sharing
a mind-map diagram of my version 3.28

The Main Point of the Internet by Hugh Macleod

Gapingvoid by Hugh MacLeod at Social Media Path

by Hugh MacLeod online at gapingvoid and @gapingvoid on twitter

The Break up

Seth Godin and Tom Peters on blogging

Seth Godin said, “The value of blogging is the meta-cognition of thinking of what you are going to say.  It’s the process.”


What a valuable minute and a half.  Watch this exceptional short video…