#musicmonday motivation [Video]

Does music motivate you? It’s an important part of my life. Recently we’ve been assembling playlists for different occasions on Spotify. My daughter loves her neon dance music list. My son is digging his “Action Cole,” list of high energy rock and roll. I like to think we’re a music family and I know the soundtrack of our lives influences our mood in a positive way.

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Engaged at Red Rocks: Ten Year Anniversary

Red Rocks Park aerial view imageRock and Roll fans will tell you, Blues Traveler at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on the 4th of July is a wonderful, multi-sensory experience.  Soulful inspiration found my wife, Liz, and I there ten years ago, July 4th, 2000. We became engaged to be married.

“Red Rocks is a geologically formed, open-air Amphitheatre that is not duplicated anywhere in the world. With Mother Nature as the architect, the design of the Amphitheatre consists of two, three hundred-foot monoliths (Ship Rock and Creation Rock) that provide acoustic perfection for any performance.[i]

Listening to Live From The Fall, I can remember the warm dusk air at Red Rocks.  The unmistakable harmonies of John Popper and company, Denver fireworks in the distance and the joy of the crowd: An enchanted evening.

It’s a milestone and a favorite moment.  It’s a feeling I have to remember to duplicate whenever possible – to see my bride, somewhere beautiful, in a moment of bliss.

Most of the video online barely captures the sensation of listening to anything like the natural acoustics of Red Rocks so I’ll share this favorite sample of John Popper (Blues Traveler) playing No Woman No Cry live with Ziggy Marley.

See Red Rocks if you can, and dance under the stars.

Red Rocks Photo Gallery

Photo Credit: http://www.lariatloop.org/tour/RedRocks.php

[i] An incredible, brief history and geology of Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre http://www.redrocksonline.com/PURENATURE/HistoryGeology.aspx

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Music is a Moral Law

Musices opusculum... Bologna: 1487

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything; It is the essence of order and lends to all that is good, just, and beautiful.”


Collection of sites in the Music 2.0 space
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Second Saturday at The Urban Hive

I recently relocated Social Media Path to midtown Sacramento.  I took space in the same building as The Urban Hive, Vox Sacramento, Romp Creative, Kidaround Magazine, Green Sacramento and a variety of other artists, writers, designers and marketing talent.

Second Saturday at The Urban Hive featuring VoxThe Urban Hive is co-working space that opens it’s doors on Second Saturday to display the art and music of it’s tenants.  Second Saturday has become a wonderful midtown Sacramento staple event full of art, music, good food and warm summer strolling.  Last night we agreed to create an Art tweetup for the next Second Saturday on September 12, 2009 – making The Urban Hive come even more alive on Second Saturday!

Second Saturday Sacramento urban Hive Vox 20th & H
Second Saturday at The Urban Hive
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