Meditate, Pray and Visualize

Visualize and Meditate your goals

During this season, with Thanksgiving upon us, I’m especially grateful for the support of good friends. Life these past months has been a flurry of activity. Sometimes that activity has been connected to goals and appropriate vision. Often it has felt like I’ve been bounced or yanked from one thing to the next with the stress of what “I’m not getting to,” or what  “I’m not doing enough of,” in order to meet the expectations of others (and sometimes my own.) In the midst of a marketing strategy discussion with good friend, Lori Saitz, she could tell that I and our team were stressed. [Lori is a pro at helping business improve customer experience, market strategically and increase client loyalty.  She knows how to get things done efficiently with a sense of humor and fun] Shortly thereafter, I received the following from Lori:

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Renewal on the path to Mastery

I’m working my way through "The Personal MBA," by Josh Kaufman.  He completed the work as a manifesto at  Both are worth more than a quick view. 

One book (text) out of many that a part of Kaufman’s recommended list included in the Personal MBA is Mastery by George Burr Leonard.

"Mastery draws on Zen philosophy and the author’s expertise in the martial art of Aikido to show how the PROCESS of Mastery can help us attain a higher level of excellence and a deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in our daily lives."

Leonard discusses the path to Mastery as long and rocky with no quick and easy payoffs.  He also discusses types of people and societal influence that cause us to be Dabblers, Obsessives and Hackers instead.  I found it enlightening.  Leonard gives Essential keys and tools for Mastery of most anything – your career, athletic potential, relationships and creating harmony within yourself. 

Mastery was not only a brilliant inclusion in a self imposed individual MBA program but influential on my decisions concerning what it is I desire to Master – and that it is a lifelong endeavor.

It’s been some time since my last posting on this blog.  I believe I approached it (blogging) as some combination of obsessive and dabbler.  I wanted community and value to be realized instantly.  When it wasn’t happening as planned I abandoned the project – but it gnawed at me – both as something important to discuss and foster, and now as something to Master. 

I continue on with your help.  Please email suggestions, post comments, and make contributions.


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Stitches On The Baseball: You Must Have Vision

Baseball close up, pitcher in background representing character quality of vision The top ten hitters in Major League Baseball today have batting averages between .310 and .345.  They also have to average about three times at bat per game.  That means that the best of the best players (at bat) of our National pastime are successful at bat around 30% of the time, AND, they get a hit slightly less than once per game, on average.  It’s also said that a great hitter can slow down the ball in his mind, sometimes able to see the stitching on the ball, and therefore, the ball’s rotation.  Wow! Now that’s great vision!

Acting out of principle day-to-day takes the vision to see the outcome before you get there.  Often the better road is the harder one. The best of the best are still “failing” at the plate most of the time they’re there.  You have to visualize and you have to get up to bat.

I have had a number of recent reminders about the importance of being able to visualize your future.  Seeing where you are going in your imagination, FIRST, creates the belief that you will get there.

It’s harder than it sounds isn’t it?  You have to force yourself to schedule time to do just that  – dream – create the picture in your mind and connect your dream to what you do.

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