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Celebrate Your Victories


Working, business, performance. It can be stressful. In a start-up or small business environment, it can be all consuming.  This is

especially true if you are passionate about your work. If you work with purpose, and you care deeply about the outcome and how it affects your customers and your team, then you probably think about it in the shower.

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Protect Your Dream

Funny that a friend, one that doesn’t know me so well, thought to post this short video clip on my Facebook wall.  Awesome scene.  Even better message.

“The Pursuit of Happyness” is one of my favorite films. Will Smith is a REAL actor and Gabriele Muccino is a wonderful Director – they did “Seven Pounds” together too.

How to Pull the Knife Out of Your Back

Have you ever said something stupid?  I have.  Maybe you spoke out of turn? Let something slip that you shouldn’t have?  I did.  I also know some pretty smart folks that have done the same.    What did you do?  Humbly apologized, I hope.  I also offered to do what I could to make it better, sans excuses.

It doesn’t always work, right?  We all make mistakes but sometimes you’re still at the mercy of the maturity on the other side of the table.  Granted, some open-mouth-insert-foot moments are worse than others.  Forgiveness can take time.

Here are 3.5 tips for how to act when you’re the one that got “dissed”…

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How Can I Be More Effective?

How can I be more effective?  Is there a road-map I can use to improve my effectiveness?  What system or process does Jeff Marmins evangelize?  I hope to address these questions by establishing an amalgamation of ideas as a premise for *most* of what my ramblings are about here at

Time has shown that no one philosophy works for everyone.  We are all a work in progress, attempting to execute and learn concurrently.  I have a passion for examining ways to improve processes for efficiency in sales and relationship management. That kind of “workflow improvement” finds its way into other aspects of my life.  I also made my share of mistakes in years past that push me to learn and encourage effectiveness through character, values and principles.

Core Values as the driving force to an improved level of effectiveness

This model is the root of the “system.”
Driving Forces of Effectiveness


The model states that time-tested values such as  Vision, Identity, Purpose, Order, Concentration, Integrity, Harmony and Progression drive effectiveness to your desired level.  Each of these can be explored with some depth.  I’ll address each individually in separate posts. Collectively, they combat “resisting forces” like, “Too many things to do, Fatigue, lack of purpose, not enough money, not enough time, mental fragmentation, etc.”

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Lessons from Ronald Reagan

Doing some housekeeping in an old organizer I came across an undated page of notes.  I had titled it "Ronald Reagan – Lessons" and it had this list:

  • Never Be mean spirited 
  • Know and have convictions
  • Strive to know and do the will of God.  
  • Bigotry and prejudice are the worst things a man can be guilty of.
  • Match optimistic temperament with bold, persistent action.  
  • Never slight or embarrass others. 

Staying Visionary

Recently I attended a luncheon and had the pleasure of sitting next to Sandy Hilton, Manager of Community and Cultural Services for the City of Folsom.  I asked Sandy about her passion and about the City’s ability to be forward thinking.  Sandy shared her ideas about what she calls, “staying visionary,” and inspiring others to keep looking forward.  Her idea is to foster creativity and encourage looking forward without constraints – like budget or politics.  She said that she always asks “What if” and “Why not?”  and encourages others to do the same.  Marminsgroup_effective_human_folsom

Thanksgiving email

I was impressed by this note from Alex Rathbone. She is the Executive Assistant to VP/GM, Storage Solutions Group at Adaptec and is also a Communications Consultant through her own firm, Coldun Consulting.  Her experience is diverse and interesting.  She’s obviously a high character person as you can tell:

As Thanksgiving nears, I’ve been thinking about some
of the things I have to be thankful for. 

I have a loving family, some near, some far away.

I have choices in my life.

I have a warm place to rest my head every night.

I’ve never been forced to miss a meal. 


I am more mindful of these simple blessings at this
time of year.

This Thanksgiving, why not take a moment apart from
this busy connected world, to keep it simple and let the people around you know
that you value them?

May you and your family be as blessed as I am.

Happy Thanksgiving.

The Season for Gratitude

The following was posted by Robert Greenlaw on the Character First! Newsletter:

November provides a great occasion to count your blessings and give thanks.

Teach your children the definition of gratefulness: “letting others
know by my words and actions how they have benefited my life.”

Make a list of those who have benefited your family, and discuss
ways you can show your appreciation. Remember that gratefulness is more
than a feeling. It involves expressing appreciation for others’
contributions. Consider these ideas:

  • Cp559800Write “Thank You” notes to schoolteachers.
  • Make food or desserts for someone who has helped your family.
  • Send notes of appreciation to city leaders, police officers, or other public servants.

Recall the good things that happened this year, even the unexpected benefits of disappointments.542579fallfoliagechangingleavesposters

Grateful relationships should be the rule all year.  It is the season, however, to give your old coat, your unused toys, some canned goods or whatever you can spare.  If you don’t know where or how to do this then connect with your local Rotary Club.