How do you handle the info flood?

Lots of Info out there.  How do you deal with it?  Updates and news bulletins in your email, weblogs, online seminars, continued education, news-feeds, and now pod-casts. 

I try and batch by subject and research area, starting with those things that relate to my primary client list and family first.  Anything after that varies by the idea thread, or occasional distracting URL rabbit hole.  You’ve been down it – 20 sites deep from where you started. 

Tabbed browsing really helps.  Use Mozilla FireFox instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer.  It’ll cut back on your pop-ups and virus vulnerability as well. 

Do you have suggestions?  Need some more info to add to your pile?  A valuable page at that I look at every week is "People to Watch, the week ahead." at

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