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C7group is an independent consulting firm with a product agnostic approach. We are partnered, however, with several firms that provide best-in-class social business (network community) platforms  including Jive Software and Acuia (Drupal Commons).

Bloomberg reported today that, “Jive chose Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS)Citigroup Inc. (C) and UBS AG (UBSN) to manage its IPO, which may happen this year depending on market conditions, people familiar with the matter said yesterday.” While the timing of the actual event is subject to market conditions and other outside factors, there is no mistaking the relevance to business. Full Article

The biggest enterprise technology impact in a decade. Social Technology

Gartner Inc. predicts the social network market will surge 60 percent from last year to $1 billion in 2012. That amount pales by comparison to the return on investment that business will see from implementing social business software and related culture and workflow practices. Those business that adopt now are also liable to change their own markets based on the efficiency that can be gained in accelerating innovation, finding information and experts, serving customers and enabling sales channels.

It’s begun in earnest, as Bloomberg also included in today’s article,

“Yum! Brands Inc., owner of the KFC and Pizza Hut restaurant chains, has its 6,000 corporate employees use the [Jive Software] program to discuss business initiatives. Nike Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. also are customers.”

Jive Software, of the hundred or so companies in the the social software space, has the best opportunity to do an IPO or be purchased. It’s the news of the minute but clearly an indication of a tipping point for business moving forward. Business owes it to itself to consider where this technology can be leveraged to increase revenue and reduce costs. The economic climate demands it.

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C7 Group is a management consulting firm that provides the education, strategy and vendor and tool selection for employee and customer communitiessocial applications,social intelligence and social media risk management.

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