Social Business Capability Maturity Model

Here’s one way to find out how engaged your enterprise is. Use the Capability Maturity Model.

Most companies somewhere between nowhere (level 1) and really trying hard with some successes (level 3). Very few companies are at a level 4 (don’t need our help).

Where do you think your company stands?

At Level 5 you should start to see the following signs:

  • Measurable Customer Delight
  • Listening to Customers or Answering Their Questions Costs Nothing
  • Unshakable Brand Loyalty and Advocacy
  • Exceptionally Intimate Relationships with Customers and Suppliers, Based on Personal Contact, One-on-One Interaction, and Mutual Commitment to Delivering on Promises
  • Big Payoff From Small Courtesies!
  • They Really Listened To Me And Asked Me “What Do I Think?”
  • We Embrace and Drive Change
  • We Do More With Less!
  • Our Employees Feel Appreciated
  • Employee, Partner and Customer Communities Working In Harmony
  • Agile Innovation, Faster Time-to-Market, Known Demand
  • Alignment Between Governance, Ecosystem and KPI’s
  • Centralized Intellectual Property and Process Repository
  • Plug & Play Capability for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • “Work is more fun. My job is focused on delighting customers.“

If you don’t have a social business strategy yet, we can help you get one. If you just want to know where you stand contact us now!

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