Jive Software acquires Offisync for $30M [Quick Analysis]

The deal will give Jive the ability to offer enterprises an easy way to make Microsoft Word and Outlook instantly social and tightly integrated with Jive.

For those who’ve wondered whether it’s really possible for an enterprise to embrace Social Business, you can stop wondering. With this acquisition, Jive is bringing Social Business to you, where you work, to your desktop, to the applications and emails you live in eight hours a day. Our customers no longer have to choose between collaborating on Jive’s Social Business platform or the familiar Microsoft Office UI.

“The integration is very deep,” Antebi says. “You can see edits as they happen. This is social document collaboration as opposed to old school document management where you check in and check out a document and come back two hours later and wait for it. That’s the ’90s.” – Jive Software

Our Top 7 Thoughts

  1. Offisync is a product already tightly integrated into the soon to be released Jive 5 platform so customers won’t have to wait for any integration work before seeing the benefits.
  2. During our client demo’s of the Jive 5 platform the Offisync features and benefits had most prospects in the room lean forward and “imagine” a little bit.
  3. The acquisition adds a barrier to entry for other social business platform builders as Jive now controls the road map and strategy for this product.
  4. We’ve also seen this technology integrated into other less expensive collaboration tools – e.g. Google Docs and http://interact-intranet.com but nothing as slick as Jive’s solution.
  5. Unlike their recent Facebook comments plugin Jive can definitely charge clients $40K for this module.
  6. This gives Jive end users the rich text editing capability they have long been lacking in the out of the box Jive product.
  7. Jive also has the ability to play nicely with Microsoft Sharepoint and at the same time show customers a better way to collaborate and communicate.

Disclosure: C7 are a Jive Regional Partner. C7 are an independent management consulting firm focused entirely on social business.

Looking forward to seeing some great folks at the http://www.jivesoftware.com/newwaytour/livestream “New Way” tour in San Francisco tomorrow. We still have a few available slots for meetings afterwards. 916 342 6135.

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  1. Is this as much of a “game changer”? as @tonyzingale says. We think so.

  2. Further to our 7 points above are the skill an experience of the Offisync team as an addition to jivesoftware ‘s existing assets, not to mention adding Israel, a hotbed of new technology talent and innovation, to their recruitment pool.

    “OffiSync is headed by co-founder and CEO Oudi Antebi. He’s a former Microsoft executive who worked on Sharepoint and has a deep background in Microsoft Office. As part of the acquisition, Antebi is moving to Jive’s Palo Alto’s offices and OffiSync’s Israel office will become Jive’s Israel office.” @tomiogeron, forbes . Full Article: Jive Acquires OffiSync To On-Ramp Whole New Set Of Customers: http://ow.ly/51kZt

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