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C7group Social Media Sandbox: Social Media Legal Risk

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I had a great talk with Labor Law Attorney, Matthew Durket about how businesses can plan and respond to the legal issues surrounding social communication, such as loss of intellectual property, compliance violations, reputation management and HR lawsuits.

Recent market research reveals social networking related exposure incidents for US companies have increased each year — from 11% in 2008 to 17% in 2009 and to 21% in 2010.

24% of companies indicated that they have disciplined an employee for his or her activities on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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How is your organization addressing the risk of employee social media use? What are you doing to engage online in a responsible way?



Don’t Wait to Thank Your Mentors and Heroes

Steve Jobs Artwork by David Datuna, Mironova Gallery

Like many, Steve Jobs had an influence on my life.  He taught me a lesson recently.  It was in his passing that I learned not to wait to seek out my heroes.  Steve Jobs did not live that far from me but we didn’t know each other.  He was a distant mentor on a pedestal of brilliance and accomplishment that most of us feel is out of reach. Perhaps you have a hero or someone you feel this way about? Perhaps, like me, there are those that are gone now and you wish that you had expressed how you felt about them. Continue Reading…

SlideShare Infographic: The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing

Slideshare is a great tool and an essential component to most social media and online marketing strategies. It is often overlooked but important to consider.