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This Week’s 10 Most Explosive Facebook Pages (from

kimkardashian social media facebook page

A new week brings a new roundup of Facebook pages that have show awesome growth in popularity. The pages this week seem to be themed around music, saving you a couple bucks, and some good treats . Use our Facebook Statistics Tools to check out all the top pages and applications on the site. Check out the pages below!

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  • Groupon had an impressive week as they picked up about 165,000 new followers. The page features new affordable ways to explore the city using exclusive deals, Groupon bucks, contests, and more. Sign up for the page and refer you friends to receive $10. Check out the Chicago-based Groupon’s Facebook page here.


  • Have awkward moments, quirky habits, and pretty general annoyances? LikeWut’s Facebook page puts random relatable thoughts onto its page for discussion. Like the page for constant updates, enjoy the topics (some are pretty funny), and join the discussion about each post. The site picked up over 153,000 new followers last week. Become a fan of LikeWut.
  • LikeWut

  • Levi’s Facebook page features videos, pictures, and keep an eye out for exclusive deals. Keep up with the page to stay on top of latest fashions from the company. Levi’s gained over 117,000 new followers last week.


  • Comedy Central’s Futurama has had an excellent comeback this season on the network, and the show’s Facebook page continues to grow in popularity. The page includes previews of upcoming episodes and also gather to discuss and share your opinion on other episodes of the show. The season finale of the show is this week, and the page has had a steady rise in popularity over the month. This week Futurama accrued up another 106,800 new fans.


  • Keep up with the latest Black Eyed Peas tour dates, appearances, contests, and more on the band’s Facebook page. The page also includes music and pictures from the road. The Black Eyed Peas picked up over 90,000 new fans last week.
  • Black Eyed Peas

  • With the weekend drama overseas at the annual Reading and Leeds Festivals, Gun N’ Roses still had managed to have an impressive week on Facebook picking up about 86,000 new fans. Keep up with the page for music, news, and maybe you will be lucky enough to get an estimated time of arrival from band for all upcoming Guns N’ Roses concerts.
  • Guns N’ Roses

  • Pepsi is currently giving away grants each month to various projects and ideas based on your votes. Check out the Grant projects on Pepsi’s Facebook page. The page also includes many other interesting tabs, videos, chats, and news about the company’s various products, projects, and promotions. Pepsi gained 82,000 fans this week.
  • Pepsi

  • The hype is building for new episodes of the most popular shows on television to return. CSI: Miami premieres in a little over a month, and has been getting more and more popular by the week on Facebook. 79,000 people became fans of the show this past week. Keep up with news about the shows, sneak peaks at the upcoming episodes, and more on CSI: Miami’s Facebook page.
  • CSI: Miami

  • Keeping up with Kim Kardashian is even easier on Facebook than watching her family’s television show. Not actually sure why you want to, but almost 79,000 new fans seem to prove me wrong. You can keep up with every move the star makes on her Facebook page. The page includes all her latest news, fashion tips, and more.

    Kim Kardashian

  • About 75,700 new fans on Facebook are ogling McDonald’s various menu items. The page includes various downloads, an interesting tab selections including a McDonald’s locator, and more. Become a fan of here.


  • All Facebook, The Unofficial Facebook Resource, is a favorite site – especially when they contribute to our library of real case examples. We’re constantly on the lookout for what’s working and why it works.

    The New Small Business On-Ramp to Social CRM

    The New Small Business On-Ramp to Social CRM

    There’s one company that looks to be creating a platform small businesses can use to turn a variety of online interactions into stronger customer relationships — and it’s not even a CRM company, in the traditional sense. It’s Google.

    By Brent Leary |  Aug 16, 2010

    Over the past 12-18 months, major customer relationship management (CRM) players like, Sage, SAP and others have been adding “social” abilities to traditional CRM applications — like viewing social profile information from Twitter and Facebook.  Additionally, newer services such as BatchBook, BantamLive, and others are creating CRM applications on a social foundation aimed at the small and mid-sized business market.  And with every passing day, social technologies are merging with traditional CRM functionality, giving companies more efficient ways of transforming clicks into valuable customer relationships. 

    A little over two years ago I wrote about the Three A’s of Social CRM.  Back then most people were focused on social media, but not so much on its impact on customer relationship management tools and strategies.  Even a year ago when I compared traditional CRM with Social CRM the interest was pretty much limited to industry insiders.  That’s not the case today, as the topic of Social CRM has become the focus of many in business. 

    Having focused on CRM for almost two decades — as an application developer, early certified implementation partner, and finally as an industry watcher — this may be the most important development I’ve seen.  I say this because technology has amplified the voice of the customer, and given them greater control over who they engage with, when they do, and how they do so.  This in turn is forcing those charged with engaging them to change their approach:  in order to connect with customers who Tweet to thousands of followers, watch videos on mobile phones, and form their own online communities.  This also is forcing CRM vendors to provide services that do more than just store customer information and track activities. 

    But there’s one company that looks to be creating a platform small businesses can use to turn a variety of online interactions into stronger customer relationships — and it’s not even a CRM company, in the traditional sense.

    Keeping with the AAA theme from a couple of years back, below are a few reasons why Google is becoming the onramp to Social CRM success for small and mid-sized businesses.

    Apps — Internal

    Even with Facebook hitting the 500 million member mark — with billions of interactions taking place weekly — the majority of people in business-to-business (B2B) organizations  I’ve come across say no more than 15-20 percent of their total interactions on Facebook are business related.  Conversely, about 80-90 percent of e-mail interactions these same folks have are business related, and with much higher frequency.  And in many cases, the e-mail exchanges are more intimate in nature, from a business perspective.  This may be because the conversations are more direct and focused, and the people engaged in the conversations are more focused on each other — not the overall community — during these interaction.  So even today, a large percentage of customer relationship building takes place in our inboxes.

    Just as Microsoft Outlook was (and still is) key to increasing CRM user adoption over the past decade, Gmail is looking to be that key in the Social Age. More small companies are using Google’s low-cost e-mail hosting services — making Gmail the fastest growing of the big online e-mail providers, closing in on 180 million accounts. 

    But the choice to use Gmail goes well beyond price.  Google has turned the inbox into a relationship-building platform enabling multiple points of contact, and increased opportunities for meaningful interactions. When you exchange e-mails with other Gmail users, Google can (based on your security settings) connect you with them if you both use Google Reader — giving you the ability to see what kind of information they are interested in, and start feeding them more of it.  And when you go to YouTube, Google lists the YouTube channels of those you interact with via Gmail at the top of the page — giving you a chance to subscribe to them. 

    So Google is building an interaction-based platform on the bedrock of Gmail.  And as you exchange emails, you can grow the relationship wider by engaging across apps like Reader and Youtube.  You can also deepen the engagement with real-time collaborative interactions via Google Docs, Sheets and Sites.

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    The 4 Types of Evangelical Bigwigs from

    The 4 types of evangelical bigwigs

    “Most people assume that evangelicals think that they have all the answers. I’ve found that there is a large segment of business leaders who are evangelical who are certain that they don’t have all the answers. Their decision-making is largely pragmatic, and they hope they wind up making the right decisions,” says sociologist D. Michael Lindsay. (Credit: Rice University/

    Interesting study of how leaders engage their own faith in their decisions at work

    Road Trip Anyone?

    Streamlining Social Media Workflow

    Streamlining much of my work-flow for all social properties. My goals
    are different than for many that I advise. It has made me consider
    that there are two distinct paths no matter what tools you use:
    Easiest and least time consuming. The learning curve can be steeper,
    and the set-up more complex in order to arrive at the ongoing solution
    that will eat up the least amount of time. i look forward to sharing
    a mind-map diagram of my version 3.28

    Social Networks: America's Largest Companies

    Jolie O’dell at Mashable published an article with some interesting findings from NetProspex about how employees of larger companies are using social media.  LinkedIn is still the professional connection point for employees of larger companies:

    social networks for companies, corporatre social networks

    Protect Your Dream

    Funny that a friend, one that doesn’t know me so well, thought to post this short video clip on my Facebook wall.  Awesome scene.  Even better message.

    “The Pursuit of Happyness” is one of my favorite films. Will Smith is a REAL actor and Gabriele Muccino is a wonderful Director – they did “Seven Pounds” together too.