Archive - September, 2009

Happy Birthday David (Elton John – Bennie and the Jets)

Happy Birthday! This is a favorite for as long as I can remember. We enjoyed it long before we knew the words.

Feed video and posts from other sites to Facebook

A number of our workshop students have requested a quick demo of how to get videos, blog posts, yelp reviews, and photos at Flikr to post to your Facebook profile and newsfeed.

This can be done effortlessly from these sites (and many more including Pandora, and your Google Reader) with a few quick settings on your facebook profile (demonstrated in the video).

Note: there are more advanced tools that accomplish this and send your posts to more places than just Facebook. This gets it done to give your Facebook friends access to your activity elsewhere in an easy way.

Google's Advice On How Brands Can Leverage Social Media (Vincent Cerf)

Still relevant. Exceptional principals for extending brand influence online: