Archive - August, 2006

Encourage Success – give praise for character

Dave DeRoos of CityGate Associates is a  mentor of mine that has graciously offered advice on character development in addition to  providing me with a sounding board for questions about raising a responsible daughter.  He introduced me to an organization called Character Training Institute,  Character First!® that provides Character training.  Dave is great at giving praise and rewards employees and associates for quality character behavior using the Three Steps of Praise as Character First suggests:

  1. Give the definition of the character quality (there are 49 qualities according to Character First!).
  2. Offer a specific illustration of how it was demonstrated.
  3. Explain the benefit to you and/or others.

Here’s an example using the character quality of dependability:

Dependability is sacrifice and consistent performance.  These past weeks you’ve met every milestone.  Thanks to your dependability our client feels that we’re reliable and will give us more work and I trust you to deliver as promised.

It takes practice and I always work on integrating this high level, high character praise into my interactions with others.